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Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Decoy Rain Boot Review

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Decoy Rain Boot Review

These days, rain boots are no longer the drab and dated rain boots of the past. Even rain boots for men have been given upgrades in terms of looks and now you have models that look like hiking boots.

Hence you can wear them with casual or rugged outfits. It is not embarrassing to wear them in public anymore. In case you want to know recent styles, try reading this review of the Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Decoy Rain Boot.

Features of the Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Decoy Rain Boot

  • Water and stain-resistant model
  • Comes with full-grain leather shaft
  • Includes lightweight EVA shell
  • Has seam-sealed, waterproof structure which can maintain dry feet in rainy seasons
  • Includes gusseted tongue to prevent debris from entering boots
  • Has 360° rawhide leather lacing for great fit
  • Comes with lugged rubber outsoles that won’t leave marks
  • Has molded Wave Siping which provides better traction on wet and dry surfaces


Men’s rain boots like the Men’s Decoy model from Sperry can now keep up with today’s casual fashions. Rain boots are now mainstream thanks to the effort of manufacturers who have come up with more modern, wearable designs that will complement wardrobe tastes.

These rain boots not only protect the feet from the damp, mud, or slush, they will also add a great touch to your daily outfits. Men’s rain boots these days now come in a wider range of styles so customers can have more options and actually get a pair that they like.

The Men’s Decoy comes with features that can be found in leather boots like leather shafts and rawhide leather lacing. This is a great pair for men who would like to have rain boots that do not look like traditional models.

This pair is excellent for casual and rugged getups and can finish a whole outfit. This is for guys who do not want to end up with soggy feet and jeans but need a pair of rain boots that speak highly in terms of style.

This pair comes in neutral and brown colors so they will likely fit more casual outfits—these colors are more traditional and due to their middle-of-the-road tones will suit minimalist colors and patterns.

Rain boots are now a superb mix of function and fashion and they are now a necessity since they have transformed into legit fashion accessories. Over the course of the rainy season, you can invest in a single pair or even two so you can wear the other boots in case the first pair gets dirty.

Make sure to wear them during extreme weather conditions to keep your feet and pants dry.

The Decoy is a heavy-duty pair of rain boots that come with a feel and fit that is super-responsive. It has a seam-sealed structure and a hardwearing leather upper plus an EVA foam shell for added insulation.

This pair is intended to keep feet dry during wet weather conditions. The EVA foam shell enhances thermal insulation while at the same time maintains a lighter weight compared to like insulators. The full-grain leather on this rain boot is stain and water-resistant, contributing to the overall quality and durability of the product.

The gusseted tongue meanwhile provides protection from harsh elements and its authentic rawhide lace makes for a great fit and in turn prevents debris from getting inside the boots, affecting your stride and comfort.

For excellent traction throughout, the boots come with non-marking, lugged outsoles made from rubber with Molded Wave Siping. This means it can handle both wet and dry surfaces and prevent wearers from slipping.

This is a great shoe for spring and rainy locations. Whether cold or wet, they will keep your feet dry and comfortable. It does not have a cheap feel—the combination of style and functionality makes investing in this pair a great decision. The fit was excellent throughout, and there were no problems with the sizing.


Indeed when it comes to style and functionality, the Sperry brand does not scrimp, even with their rain boots. You can gather all those positive aspects on this pair.

However it did have one drawback—the boots can be a little squeaky and expect them to make obvious sounds whenever you walk. You can put some oil or lubricant on them to tone down the squeaking if you are conscious of it.


The Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Decoy Rain Boot is a great pair for men who are looking for rain boots that combine form, style, and function. It has excellent overall construction and the features included make wearing the pair a comfort while at the same time safeguarding your feet from the elements.

It will keep your feet warm and dry while complementing your everyday casual outfits. It does not have the traditional, boring appearance of old school rain boots so this is a great pair to wear out of doors during rainy commutes or activities.

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