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Types Of Rain Boots

Types Of Rain Boots

The rainy season calls for appropriate footwear, and, in this light, we need to have a trusty pair of rain boots. Rain boots are items that you have to wear in order to remain dry and safeguarded from wet weather conditions. The rain boots of old are popular for having a practical but uninteresting design that didn’t make them appealing to date, but modern fashion has made the item into something that you will want to wear during wet and snowy seasons.

Different Types of Rain Boots for Men and Women

Now, these boots are not only pragmatic footwear, they are also chic, trendy, and a desirable item in the majority of people’s wardrobes. There are different types of rain boots available now and you can freely choose one which fits your style.

Rain Boots for Women

Women won’t have to worry about looking drab in rain boots these days since this kind of footwear is now available in lots of styles, designs, and colors. There are casual ones good for everyday activities that come in lively, bright colors and patterns, while there are also more formal-looking ones with solid colors and clear-cut designs. Regardless of the occasion, there is a pair of rain boots out there that will prevent the damp and mud from seeping in and, at the same time, make your outfit look chic and splendid. Here are some types of rain boots for women that you can check out.

  • Mid-calf

The mid-calf kind goes over the user’s ankles and climbs midway up the legs. They look awesome worn with midi skirts and skinny jeans.

  • Traditional wellies

The traditional wellies or Wellingtons are still worn by plenty of ladies due to their practicality, and these days, these boots have undergone a good makeover. They now come in a wide range of designs, but with their original appearance still intact. There are models that are ankle-length, while some come up to the wearer’s knees. Wellingtons are often waterproof and designed from a durable material that makes them suggested footwear for rainy conditions.

  • Knee-length

The knee-length kind is not only efficient, these boots look sophisticated and sexy as well. It highlights lithe, slim calves and ankles. It is perfect worn with shorter skirts and skinny jeans.

  • Wedge

The wedge type rain boot is for ladies who want to add a bit of height. They are great paired up with slimming or form-fitting outfits.

  • Fur-lined

The fur-lined rain boot is ideal to wear in cold and damp locations. For those areas, footwear should be waterproof and at the same time keep the feet of the wearer warm and cushy. Thus rain boots that are lined with sheepskin fur are recommended. They are both practical and stylish footwear for such conditions.

Rain Boots for Men

There are also different types of rain boots for men available. The ones for the guys are designed differently from the ladies, with designs usually understated and simple. Guys often go for plain black ones so it will go well with their choice outfits, but these days it is pretty common to see rain boots for men in olive green,  gray, and brown. Designs also come in different patterns from stripes down to plaid.

  • Casual boot

Men’s casual rain boots are intended to be used for everyday activities whenever the weather looks like it may rain. They come with smooth treads so they are good for walking on solid, damp streets. It does not have a good deal of support and cushioning though but have great style, which makes them ideal for daily wear. They weigh less compared to work boots since they lack the efficient cushioning and thicker rubber that work boots have. They are not recommended for rugged surfaces, but if you want an everyday lightweight pair that has lots of style, then a casual rain boot is highly suggested.

  • Work boot

The work boot is heavier compared to the casual boot and it comes with thicker, more comfortable midsoles, a taller shaft, and tough lugs. They are suggested for use in off-road conditions and rugged terrain like walking in the woods and through streams or hiking on trails. If you want footwear that will protect your feet from the damp and mud plus provide excellent traction, you can do well with a pair of quality work boots.

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