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Tingley Men’s 1400 Pull-On Work Over Boot Review

Tingley Men’s 1400 Pull-On Work Over Boot

There are numerous reasons why industrial workers wear work boots, but the most important of them all is safety. Industrial workers and farmers are prone to several hazardous chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Also, the heavy equipment they use in carrying out their assignment can pose a threat to their well-being. Hence, the need for a perfect pair of work boots.

Gone are the days when rather than being interesting and enjoyable, many found it boring and irritating to wear. The good news, however, is that it is no more. In this present day, work boots are built so well that users find it enjoyable to wear. They are now comfortable and look fresh and fashionable with different designs.

Because most of these work boots run big, it ‘s incredible how you can wear them over your typical casual shoe only if you are comfortable doing so.

Tingley Work Boots are built to endure the rough daily wear with its armored heel and toe. The Tingley Men’s 1400 Pull-On Work Over Boot are said to be the typical industry injection molded because of the way it is built as well as its construction for complete waterproof protection.

These boots give a superior coziness and flexible strength. They can also be easily stretched and is tear-resistant which makes it more durable. Tingley boots are known for their capability not to thicken or fissure no matter how cold the weather is.

There is nothing to permit tear or rip in these boots. To ensure easy washing and cleaning, they have no lining. The deep cleated outer sole skews out rubbles to prevent fall from slippery terrain and ensure longer use.

The Tingley boots have a lighter weight due to the fact that they are made with fewer materials in the top part, which consequently helps to reduce leg tiredness. To last longer, more materials are used in the heel, toe, and sole.

These rubber Tingley overshoes are made in such a way that they easily fit and stretch over your casual boots. The work boots from Tingley are boosted in the sole to last long by the wearing-resistant material they are built with.

They are easy to pull on as a result of the wide shaft and fold-over snap closure. For exceptional adhesion, sturdiness and easier cleaning, they feature a deep, dense tread. The heavyweight heel offers trouble- and hands-free removal.

Important Features to Consider In Selecting Work Boots

When shopping for work boots, it is important to consider winter. The biggest challenge when shopping for a winter work boot is warmth; therefore, there is a need to try it on to know how much warmth it can offer. It is not a good buy if the manufacturer does not give a temperature evaluation of the boot.

It is recommended to look at the lining to decide the warmth you can get from a work boot. For different purposes, there are different linings. Some of these boots have a lining made of polypropylene that can be removed and dry out.

In the case of extremely low temperatures, look for linings with 400 to 800g. Because the inner sole of a boot also contributes to its warmth, it is ideal to look for a protected inner sole.


If your work requires wearing your work boot for a long period, you need to put your comfort into consideration. A good work boot, in particular, should offer support for the feet and arch and inspire good walking posture.

The inner sole is highly responsible for the comfort of a boot, and the insoles of a boot should be well padded. It is also ideal to consider a boot that delivers pronation control. Those who will be walking for a long period should consider this feature because of pronation—the foot rolls inward upon touching the ground which can lead to knee and back problems.


The size and depth of the lugs and the heel brake on the outer sole of a boot determines the traction it can give. These lugs are the channels and thuds in the rubber that clasp to the ground surface to avoid slips and falls.

The heel brake protects slips on steep slopes and irregular terrain. It is the heel that stands out from the rest of the outer sole. A work boot with a removable outsole is a good choice because it allows you to replace the outer sole when they wear out; hence it prolongs the life of the boot.


The following features make the Tingley men’s 1400 pull-on work over boot unique;

  • rubber sole
  • unlined
  • Molded-in rubber button
  • smooth waterproof
  • kick-off heel cleat
  • wide shaft and fold-over closure


  • They can easily fit and stretch over casual shoes.
  • It is seamless for the mud-covered or cluttered job site.
  • It has a deep, thick tread for traction.
  • It is easy to pull on because of the wide shaft and fold-over snap closure.
  • The heavyweight heel offers trouble-free, no-hands removal.
  • Built with a wear-resistant material in the heel, toe, and sole for longer wear.


  • This work boot has no lining that can provide enough warmth for the feet in winter


These work boots are waterproof and, as a result, ensure the feet stay dry all day especially if you work in a wet place, muddy or messy site. They are also constructed with a deep, thick tread for traction to have a safe work experience devoid of accidents as a result of slips or falls.

The Tingley Work Boot is easy to pull on and off due to the extensive shaft and over fold end. Durability is guaranteed with these boots. As one of the essential features to consider when buying a work boot, it is built with the wearing-resistant material in the toe, heel, and sole.

This product fits and stretches, allowing you to wear it over your casual.


The Tingley Men’s 1400 Pull-On Work Over Boot is recommended because of the numerous essential features it possesses. Even though you cannot get enough of the warmth needed for your feet in the winter, it is a nice product still. After all, not too many work overshoes offer both thick inner soles for winter and light insoles for summer.

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