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How To Wear Rain Boots

How To Wear Rain Boots

Back when rain boots were first conceived and introduced into the market, the footwear was completely utilitarian, meaning they were no-frills rubber boots intended to be practical and plain-looking. The boots fit on top of shoes to protect the feet from the damp, mud, snow, and slush.

They only came in limited colors like black, red, or yellow. Other than rain boots, they are also referred to as wellingtons, gummies, muck boots and galoshes. Their functions were popular for a few years, then the demand for them waned. These days, rain boots are back and have been given a great makeover. They are more than practical now; in fact, they look better than ever. This article will further discuss how to wear rain boots the modern, more fashionable way.

How to Wear Rain Boots the Fashionable Way?

Rain boots now come in a great range of colors and some even come with trendy, colorful prints. You can now see celebrities wearing them during rainy or snowy weather. There are rain boots now equipped with inner liners to keep the feet warm and cushy during colder weather and some feature outsoles with enhanced traction to avoid slipping. The boots for rain these days are also made with more durable and thinner, comfortable materials.

Here are some tips for the men and the ladies on how to wear a pair with pride.

For the Ladies

  • Wear tall rain boots with socks, a skirt, and a sweater during those wet days. Tall boots look quite good with skirts, leggings, and knee-high socks as well.
  • Make sure to try a pair with distinctive colors other than black. You can wear those modern purple and green boots with a black or neutral, all-basics outfit.
  • You should try out lace-up boots if you find the traditional style boring. These lace-up models often have a combat boot look and it will bring tons of edge on your get up.
  • For rainy days, you can try wearing longer shirts with leggings and rain boots.
  • If you live in locations with warmer climes, you can pair your rain boots with a simple blouse, shirt or shorts.
  • Want to know how to wear rain boots in a solid black color? If you cannot give up black rain boots, try wearing them with an all-black get-up for a glam and sophisticated everyday look.
  • Why not try to think out of the box and wear rain boots with floral prints? There are models with chic floral prints on them that do not look juvenile, and it’s a great way to jazz up neutral basics.
  • Rain boots with heels are now available and they borrow the looks of black booties with chunky heels. If you find the typical rain boot uninteresting, you should try dressing up with tall rain boots.

For the Men

  • For a great casual style, you can wear denim jeans over rain boots. You have to make sure that those jeans are ironed first with no creases or crumples so your look will be solid and neat. Guarantee that the jeans have a proper length as well because short, flood-water jeans do not look cool with rain boots. It looks a mite odd actually.
  • Rain boots for men have a rugged or casual feel. Thus the proper way how to wear rain boots for guys is to go for a casual look. While certain circumstances cannot be avoided, if you are required to be dressy and it’s raining frogs and dogs outside, you can opt to wear rain boots during the commute or ride and wear proper shoes as soon as you have reached your destination.
  • You can also wear your jeans over rain boots. This is great for rainy weather since the jeans’ bottoms will not get wet and in turn, the whole get up will serve as some kind of fashion statement as well. Great jeans for such looks should have the proper fit—the pants must not be too tight or form-fitting. Looser ones are more recommended.
  • In order to have rain boots that are comfortable on your feet, make sure to buy one size larger. Keep in mind that rubber is not a material that allows your feet to move without restriction so if the boots are too tight, it will not only feel uncomfortable, it will also make pulling them off and putting them on a challenge.
  • Women can get away with wearing rain boots with shorts; however, men should not do it because it looks quite odd.

Those are the tips you need to remember on how to wear rain boots and look fashionable at the same time. This kind of footwear can be found in department stores, shoe stores, and online sellers.

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