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The Best Rain Boots Buying Guide, Reviews and Advice

How to Choose Rain Boots

How to Choose Rain Boots

You cannot stop rainy seasons from happening so it is wise to invest on footwear that will keep your feet protected from the mud and damp.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Rain Boots that Suit You?

Buying rain boots though can be a bit difficult for beginners so this article will discuss the ways on how to choose rain boots. Below are some factors you need to remember when buying a pair.

  1. Size

The sizing for rain boots can be challenging since every manufacturer has varying means of sizing for their rain boots. One good way to acquire accurate measurements is through the use of a ruler. For knee-length boots, you need to have extra measurements like calf length/circumference to guarantee that the pair will fit you perfectly. Inspect the measurements against the size chart that is offered by sellers of manufacturers instead of testing every pair in order to save some time. You can also do more research or ask people who have bought rain boots how they got theirs. As a rule, rain boots should be bought in a size that is half or one size bigger than your usual size.

  1. Fit

Rain boots will not fit your feet like normal boots or sneakers and they do not often come in half sizes. In case your foot has a half-size measure, you can check out what the manufacturer has to say about the sizing, whether you must opt for a pair a size bigger or look for something a bit smaller. The majority of rain boot models are intended to have additional space within so you can comfortably wear them together with thicker socks or in case you want to wear them with your pants tucked inside. For a great fit, there are rain boots that have laces and gusseted shafts so debris will never be able to enter the boots and at the same time provide a better fit.

  1. Water resistance

Rain boots are designed to keep away the damp and allow your feet to be dry during rainy or slushy days. Most footwear experts recommend rain boots with taller shafts when it comes to water resistance. If you tend to wear pants and dislike getting the bottoms of your jeans wet, you can opt for a pair of mid-height shaft boots. If you plan on crossing streams and fields that are frequently muddy, it is best that you consider the shaft height and go for a model that will protect your feet and clothing the most.

  1. Climate

Another factor to consider on how to choose rain boots is to mull over the climate in which you will be wearing the pair. For individuals who live in often cold weather with heavier quantities of rainfall, boots that are taller and feature lots of insulation are recommended. But if you live in an area with temperate climes and less rain, you can opt for mid-calf to regular models.

  1. Cushioning

There are lots of rain boots now with added cushion and support, unlike in the olden days. If you want to make use of a pair for work, you can opt for rain boots with EVA-padded midsoles or an extra shank. But if you only want something you can wear for casual activities, you can make do with a pair that has moderate cushioning. In case you find your current pair lacking in terms of support or padding, you can supplement it with aftermarket insoles.

  1. Traction

Rain boots also differ in terms of traction. The ones with aggressive treads are more recommended for rugged terrain and off-road conditions while ones with least aggressive treads are meant for casual use on the pavement. Boots with smooth treads provide lots of surface contact and improved traction on even ground surfaces. The ones with more aggressive lugs and deeper grooves are more fitting for ground surfaces that are uneven or have precarious footing.

  1. Design

The design is subjective since it is a personal preference and each and every one of us has a different style. Women’s rain boots often have a wider selection of styles compared to the men’s to guarantee that the rain boots they are going to wear will perfectly complement their outfits.

Take in these factors on how to choose rain boots and you will acquire a pair that will fit your needs best, whether you want to slog through muddy fields or just get by on the street during the rainy season. These items can be bought in department stores, shoe boutiques, and a good deal of shops online.

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