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How Rain Boots Should Fit: Your 5-Step ‘How To’ Guide

How Rain Boots Should Fit: Your 5-Step ‘How To’ Guide

Rain boots have transformed over the years from being bland and drab shoes one would wear in rainy weather or while doing dirty work outdoors. Nowadays, rain boots have become a fashion statement for men and women alike. Rain boots come in a wide range of colors and patterns, long or ankle-length, the choices are endless.

Popularly known as “Wellington boots”, and affectionately known as “wellies”, rain boots originated in England before the First World War.

They were manufactured on a large scale for soldiers to keep their feet dry while in the damp and waterlogged trenches. Their popularity continued to soar after the war among civilian men, and more recently has become a trendy addition to high-fashion all across the world.

Rain boots are the ideal option for women who want to be practical in bad weather while keeping comfort in mind. Rain boots are perfect for climates that tend to have a lot of rainy weather, as they are made from water-resistant materials, protecting feet from wet and cold weather.

The best part is that the range of styles and colors is endless and you can easily find a pair of rain boots to suit your style, no matter what your style might be.

Here is a 5-step guide to finding the best rain boots that fit perfectly:

Step 1: Pick the style of boots you will need

Rain boots are available in a range of different styles, from ankle boots to mid-calf and knee length boots. The design you will eventually choose should be based on a few factors: what conditions will you be wearing them in, will they be for wet weather or cold weather, or both!

Decide if you will be wearing them for work or fashion. You might need a sturdier pair if you are planning to work outdoors, in your garden, compared to needing them for simply walking around in the outdoors.

Think about how much protection you will need from the rain. If you just want to keep your feet dry, you may opt for a pair of ankle boots.

If you would like to protect your calves from the weather too, mid-calve or knee-high boots can be a great and fashionable option too!

Step 2: Find the right boots for your style

Once you have decided what length and materials you are looking for in your fashionable rain boots, look for a pattern and colors that really compliment your style. Rain boots come in a range of plain colors from red to green and everything in between.

There is also no shortage in patterns, from stripes and polka dots to snowflakes and floral patterns. Choose your colors carefully to make sure they match your current wardrobe.

Step 3: Find the right size

Finding the right size for your rain boots may be a little tricky. Ideally, you should buy a size one bigger than your usual shoe size. Factoring in how tight the boots are around your calves will help you to find a pair that are flattering on your legs.

Essentially, you want the boots to be slightly loose around your calves and not skin tight. This will give your legs a more slender appearance.

The right size will all depend on the manufacturer of your desired rain boots, so it may be best to fit them before purchasing a pair.

Step 4: Wear the right socks

Since your rain boots will be a little loose around your feet, make sure you wear a pair of socks that will stay put all day. Avoid ankle socks that will just slide down. It is also advisable that you wear a double pair of socks too.

This will provide an extra layer against the elements, prevent blisters, and give you a little more stability and prevent slipping around in your boots.

Step 5: Flaunt your rain boots with the best outfit

The best part about buying a new pair of rain boots is pairing them with your favorite outfits. As with any other boots, skinny jeans and tight-fitting pants look great with rain boots.

If your rain boots have a busy pattern, opt for a plain-colored pair of skinny jeans. If you prefer wearing bold patterned leggings or pants, opt for a plain-colored pair of rain boots.

Whatever your style and fashion preferences, have fun pairing your boots with different outfits that you love. Pick out a pair of rain boots that fit perfectly with your favorite raincoat and flaunt it!

Bonus Step: Care for your Boots

Your rain boots will need some tender loving care, since they will be going up against some tough elements, predominately water. When storing your rain boots, keep them in a dry place that remains cool, in an upright position.

Do not store them in direct sunlight as the heat will damage the rubber causing it to warp. Wash muddy rain boots with room temperature water and a mild soap. You can then leave them to air-dry completely.

Before putting your boots away after the rainy season, treat them to a silicone rubber conditioner that will ensure the rubber remains soft and supple. It is also advised that you apply this treatment once a month throughout the rainy season.

Don’t let the rainy days put a damper on your fashion sense. You will be looking forward to the rainy season once you add a beautiful pair of rain boots to your closet.

With thousands of rain boots on the market, you really can find the perfect fit, not only for your feet but for your personal style too. Don’t forget to think about the style of boot that will best work for you and the colors and patterns you love, before purchasing your new pair of rain boots.

Also fit the size to ensure the best comfort for your feet. Be prepared for the next rainy day with your rain boots and enjoy by being out in the rain.

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