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XTRATUF Legacy Series 15″ Floral Print-Lined Neoprene Women’s Fishing Boots Review

XTRATUF Legacy Series 15" Floral Print-Lined Neoprene Women’s Fishing Boots Review

A good boot can do many things. This is true, but usually, it comes down to only two aspects. Looks and Functionality. It isn’t enough to have only one of these qualities. For a good pair of boots, you need to be talking about a good looking and durable pair.

A pair that is good looking is worthless if it can’t hold on in the rain or during snowy days. The same goes for ugly but quality-made boots. They simply won’t sell and we wouldn’t stand the chance of ever trying them out.

XTRAUF struck gold with this model right here. Their Legacy Series pair can hang with the best women’s fishing boots on the market.

How can that be? Well, they’ve combined a unique look with good quality rubber. Something like that is rare in today’s shoe market. With a modified heel, this XTRAUF pair shows it may be the best boot choice for extreme weather.

It’s always good to have a pair near you, in case a storm falls down on your region. It’s even better if they can function as a good outfit piece during “normal days”.

About the product

The XTRATUF Legacy Series 15″ Floral Print-Lined Neoprene Women’s Fishing Boots is a pair of fishing boots that can also be a pair of rain boots. This is because the part with the floral print can be rolled down. If you roll it down, they are in a shorter version.

The fishing height may be uncomfortable. Such a can definitely be good when wearing it during regular days. When it comes to the structure, there are a few important things.

Slip resistance is there, thanks to the rubber sole. They are also resistant to acid, water, chemicals and other liquids. This is a pretty good addition to a stylish outside. It’s not short on features either.


  • Resistance to acid, chemicals, water, and oil – makes them suitable for work
  • A heal that is low enough for comfort and longer walks
  • A Chevron outsole that prevents slipping
  • Breathing fabric that enables the inside to dry out faster


  • Excellent for work environments, because of the resistance to liquids
  • Very elastic and comfortable rubber
  • The foot feels natural because of the breathing fabric


  • Sometimes comes badly packaged
  • The sole can separate from the main part if you run too much


All in all, we have a quality pair of boots on our hands. We wanted to see if the resistance claims were true. That’s why we’ve decided to run lots of tests. This XTRAUF pair showed great promise in rainy weather and when soaked.

Also, fishing with them is a safe bet. Three hour stays in both salt and river water didn’t break them. Acid only started doing damage later.

The same goes with snow. It may seem a little bit cold during winter, but that’s not what they are designed for. One thing that they aren’t for is cold weather. You will freeze. In that case, it’s more important to feel warm.

It’s not every day you step into acid or chemicals. Maybe it is if you work with such things. That’s why we would recommend this XTRAUF boot pair as work shoes, too.

They have also shown to be a good style addition. The floral part can be rolled down if you want it to. Neutral colors go best with it. Such boots are now in trend and this is a quality pair for a cheap price. It is an interesting combination that will work in any situation.

Comparison – XTRATUF Legacy Series 15″ Neoprene Men’s Fishing Boots

If these women’s XTRAUF fishing boots don’t suit you, then you can opt for this pair. Even though they are men’s, they have a neutral and unisex look.

Something like that is good if you’re looking both to wish and wear them for going out. In contrast to the women’s pair, this one is out of triple-dipped latex neoprene. It’s a softer material than rubber.

Through testing, we’ve concluded that they are very comfortable and that you can walk in them longer. Also, they give more options. You can get them with a steel toe or side gussets. It’s up to you if you need extra protection.

Because they are thinner than the XTRAUF women’s pair, you may like them a lot. If that is simply not your style, the original pair is a good option for you. Both pairs are made out of breathable fabric. This guarantees comfort and the ability to spend a lot of time in these boots.


This XTRAUF women’s pair of fishing boots has a good mix of looks and functionality. They are resistant to a lot of different chemicals and are good for cold weather.

Standing in a lake in them for hours won’t be felt. You will be isolated by the thick rubber and the effective fabric. Rarely are you able to find such a combination? To some people, they seem a little bit pricey.

However, it’s safe to say that this rise in price is something you won’t feel. They can even double as rain shoes. Basically, you will be getting two different pairs of shoes for the price of one. Rolling down the floral parts is also an option.

Aside from being rains boots and fishing boots, they are also a fashion statement. This year and the year before, lots of models began wearing rain and fishing boots.

Floral models go well with neutral color dresses. You can also adventure in them. We’ve tried out all the sharpest knives on them and they are pretty tough.

This means you can fall without worrying about injury. When hiking for an hour or chasing fish in a secluded part of a lake, that is the best news you can get.

All in all, the little problem with the bad packaging is rare and should affect your decision. We warmly recommend that you add this shoe to your collection of footwear.

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