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Why Are Hunter Rain Boots so Expensive: Are They Worth the Price?

Why Are Hunter Rain Boots so Expensive: Are They Worth the Price?

Most households have at least one pair of rain boots. These are usually worn when rain gets heavy—that sometimes lead to flooding. A pair of regular rain boots cost about $20. However, these kinds of rain boots do not last long.

Knowing rubber, it gets brittle over time and develops cracks that let the rainwater in. One of the most expensive brands of rain boots is Hunter which costs way more than 20 bucks. Why are Hunter rain boots so expensive?

Below, the reason why Hunter rain boots carry that high a price will be explained in detail. In addition, its history will be discussed, and whether or not they are worth it will be analyzed.

What Are Rain Boots?

Rain boots are also called Wellington boots because they were made popular by Arthur Wellesley, who was the First Duke of Wellington. The design of rain boots was based on Hessian boots that are made of leather.

During the 19th Century, this kind of boots was used for outdoor wear particularly when hunting. It used to be that only the rich and famous wore these boots, but eventually, it became popular among everyone including farmers.

Rain boots of today are usually either made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride, or rubber. These are waterproof boots, and they protect the feet of the wearer from water and mud.

Currently, these boots are also worn in industrial settings such as in mining fields, chemical plants, farms, and as a hygienic measure in food processing plants.

The most popular brand of rain boots or Wellington boots is Hunter. Even though it costs more than five times the price of a regular pair of rain boots, a lot of people still choose it over any other brand.

What is the History of Hunter Boots?

Rain boots originated from Britain through Henry Lee Norris, an American entrepreneur. When the vulcanization process was developed and patented, Norris started manufacturing boots and other rubber items used in the industrial setting.

He also established the company named North British Rubber Company, which is now known as Hunter.

The company did not grow until the start of World War I. Since they were manufacturing good quality products, the War Office ordered them to produce rubber boots to protect the soldiers deployed in muddy and wet locations.

The War Office could never be more satisfied with their products, so they were again later commissioned to produce rubber boots for them during World War II.

Since then, Hunter rain boots became known to be very sturdy rubber boots that can protect even soldiers going into wars. This is one of the reasons why these rain boots are so expensive—because of the name they made for themselves.

Currently, even people who are not working in industrial plants and fields willingly shell out money for a pair of Hunter rain boots. A lot of people find it a good investment.

How Much Does a Pair of Hunter Boots Cost?

The trademark Hunter rain boot is called The Original Boot. In their website, a pair of these boots for women sells for  £79.17 or about $106. They come in many different colors, but The Original Boot is color black.

The same version for men costs £83.33 a pair. They only come in five colors. A pair of regular rubber boots that can be purchased at Walmart costs around $20.

Their technical boots cost up to £205. Note that the company delivers internationally. It tells that not only the British patronize these boots, but also other people from all over the world.

Why Are Hunter Rain Boots so Expensive?

Hunter rain boots are not only popular among industrial workers. Currently, a lot of college students and fashionistas are going gaga over these rain boots.

To think they are expensive, what are in these rain boots for people to still buy them even in several colors?

They are hand-made.

Hunter boasts of the craftsmanship that comes with these boots. Each tall rain boot is handcrafted from 28 parts to be made into a pair that provides not only protection but also great fit and comfort. The style, which is considered a Hunter trademark, sets it apart from other regular rain boots.

They are made of high-quality materials.

According to the Hunter website, their boots are made of natural rubber with lacquer finish. Lacquer is popularly known as a chemical that coats almost all kind of materials to protect them from scratches.

On the other hand, natural rubber is sourced from the tree called Hevea brasiliensis. Natural rubber is not better than synthetic rubber; however, these boots are really durable.

Since the composition of their rubber is a trade secret, Hunter has not divulged any information on how they make their boots long-lasting.

They are durable.

These boots last many years. Since they are hand-crafted and each of the 28 parts are put together by hand and not manufactured in batches by a machine, they are able to withstand water and mud for many years. Each pair also undergoes serious quality control to ensure their quality.

They are versatile.

Hunter rain boots are currently becoming a fashion trend most especially after actress Kate Moss was caught on cam wearing them. Currently, the original Hunter rain boots for women are available in more than 20 colors.

They can be worn anywhere with pants, shorts, dresses, etc. A pair of rain boots can also be worn regardless if it’s raining or not.

They carry the British heritage.

This is the most important reason why these boots are expensive. They carry the British heritage of producing good quality rubber boots that can withstand even world wars. The Hunter company was even awarded a Royal Warrant by Appointment in 1977 and 1986.

Are They Worth the Price?

Blogger Elle Spann wrote about how much she wanted to buy a pair of Hunter rain boots but kept on postponing it because of the price until she really needed one for a special occasion. No, it was not for a typhoon.

It was for a prenup photo shoot. These rain boots have really become more than what they were originally intended to be.

She also asked the question, “Why are Hunter rain boots so expensive?” and if they are even worth the price. For her, these boots are worth the price if you can afford it.

Her reasons are their durability, versatility, quality, and tread. These perfectly sum up and represent why more and more people, especially women, spend so much for a pair of rain boots.

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