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Viking Footwear Mariner Kadett Waterproof Slip-Resistant Boot Review

Viking Footwear Mariner Kadett Waterproof Slip-Resistant Boot

If your daily industrial activities entail being on your feet for most of the day, Viking Footwear Mariner Kadett Waterproof Slip-Resistant Boot has SBR unified NR 10” work boots with polyester padding is well worth the cost.

The Viking work boots has a slip-resistant, all-natural rubber outer sole as well as an orthopedic designed inner sole that can be removed. These work boots have a unisex fit and a sole that is non-marking. When rubber boots are opened to air or ultra-violet rays, the process that can occasionally ensue is referred to as blooming.

Blooming results to a white color which is an inoffensive talc residue that cannot penetrate through rubber. Even though every Viking footwear has a gloss lining on them to prevent and reduce this occurrence, blooming can still occur. The blooming residue can be removed by simply cleaning with a slight soap and water or by smearing a silicone layer.

Safety is the top priority for any industry around the world. Hence, the need for every industrial worker to put on their safety boots. This is important to protect free-falling, harmful materials from penetrating and hurting the foot.

Only in the past were work boots designed in a traditional functional style. It is no longer so as the new trend of work boots provides a feel of everyday comfortable shoes. Getting water in your work boots or shoes can be quite annoying and irritating particularly for people who work on sites prone to water. This is why it is important to get one that is waterproof.

So that you can focus on your work rather than how wet your shoes are, these various waterproof and slip-resistant are designed to repel water and keeping your feet dry. Boots that keep you dry all day at work should be considered. So that you don’t have to be too careful while working thinking you could slip, a slip-resistant work boot will ensure you don’t have to be worried about anything.

For a better work experience, the Viking footwear mariner Kadett waterproof slip-resistant boot is one of the best choices. These work boots ensure your safety on site and keep your feet dry. This product can be relied on at all times for maximum satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, and comfort.

You can easily and confidently walk around the site stepping on anything without hurting your feet. In addition, you can also walk on different terrains without slipping because the Viking boots are equipped with a slip-resistant sole.

The following features make the Viking Footwear Mariner Kadett Waterproof Slip-Resistant Boot unique and a good fit to stay dry all day:

  • Rubber sole
  • 100 percent natural rubber slip-resistant outer sole
  • Non-marking sole
  • Polyester coating with SBR blended NR 10” footwear
  • Removable orthopedic styled sole
  • Rubber
  • Unisex sizing
  • Gloss coating


  • This boot is waterproof to ensure your socks and feet are kept dry all day.
  • The slip-resistant outer sole that prevents you from slipping.
  • The Viking footwear mariner Kadett waterproof and the slip-resistant boots are very durable.
  • It has a unisex sizing fit.
  • It is a multipurpose boot with waterproof and slip-resistant sole features
  • It has an orthopedic styled sole that can be removed.


  • Just like other work boots, the right size and fit may be difficult to get.


With the Viking Footwear Mariner Kadett Waterproof and Slip-Resistant Boot, safety is assured during your everyday industrial activities. Since this work boot comes in a unique and comfortable design, it makes your work fun and efficient.

The Viking work boots allow you to look casual and cool with a feel of wearing sneakers and other comfortable casual footwear. This product gives a good value for its price with its durability and performance which is of great importance to the buyer.

The unisex sizing feature possessed by this product makes it a good choice because every user looks cool and comfortable wearing these boots regardless of whether they are men or women. Being waterproof, Viking boots help keep your feet dry during rain, and while working in waterlogged area. This is a nifty feature because getting your feet wet during work can be so irritating and annoying.

The importance of slip resistance or traction cannot be overemphasized because a large number of people often die as result of accidental falls. Even though not too common, people can get a traumatic brain injury from walking by falling objects.

By simply washing it with mild soap and water, you can get rid of the booming residue. The Viking footwear is constructed with an orthopedic removable sole as well.


Waterproof: this product is preferable over others because of its waterproof feature, as no one would want his feet wet while working in a waterlogged area or during rain. It is more comfortable and fun when your feet are kept dry all day that you will have a maximum focus on your job without thinking of wet socks and feet.

Slip-resistant: so that you don’t get hurt as a result of fall from slippery terrain during your industrial activities, this product is fortified with a slip-resistant sole and with this safety is guaranteed. Since you don’t have to be worried about slipping, your everyday work will be as effective as you would want.

Removable Orthopedic Styled Sole: the Viking boots are styled with a removable orthopedic sole to allow easy repair and replacement. This makes the product economical.

Lacquer Coating: every Viking Footwear Mariner Kadett Waterproof Slip-Resistant Boot has a lacquer coating on them to reduce and prevent the occurrence of blooming.

Rubber: The sole is made of rubber, but it has slip-resistant outsole to prevent slip. The rubber is flexible such that it bends with the leg as you move, consequently preventing straining of the leg and allowing easy and cmfortable movement.

Unisex sizing: This product comes in sizes suitable for both men and women which makes it easy to get a perfect size since most work boots runs big.

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