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The Best Waterproof Work Shoes

The Best Waterproof Work Shoes

The proper footwear can make or break any kind of trip. May it be hiking or just plain walking shoes, if you do not have any plans for getting your feet wet, you should have the best waterproof work shoes. Nobody likes those wet-feeling feet that would eventually feel very moist—not to mention that would lead to stinky feet as well.

Work shoes can be hard to come by since they have to possess a lot of good qualities, such as durability, comfort, longevity, etc. More often than not, work shoes are the shoes that we wear down because they are the shoes of choice when we need footwear that can withstand the daily tortures of a rough and busy day.

In this article, we are going to run down the top three of the best waterproof work shoes. You would surely find a pair of shoes here that is perfect for your preference and needs. We are not just going to judge them based on their looks, but we are also going to assess how waterproof they can be.

Skechers for Work: Men’s Burst Slip-Resistant Waterproof Work Shoe


Here is a type of shoe that the design was meant to be gender specific—hence the name, but nevertheless, it still can be worn by women. The material is made of textile and leather. It is also in the classic color of black. You get a rubber sole and memory foam. It claims to be waterproof.

Its slip-resistant design can withstand oily or wet floor conditions. It has a steel safety toe at the top of the tip of the shoe that can rebuff compression or impact. There is a composite safety toe feature for maximum comfort and durability. The shoe also has an anti-electrical hazard feature.


These shoes take the cake when it comes to comfort. The memory foam helps a lot in this aspect. The design of the shoe is also perfect for your feet to easily slip in and the fit is very snug, further helping your feet to be comfortable.

They are also durable. You can walk on any type of surface, and you need not worry about the soles getting destroyed. The soles retain its shape and its hold, for proper friction to walk on any kind of surface.

Lastly, they are definitely waterproof. You can walk in the rain with these shoes, and your feet would be completely dry. The shoes also dry fast.


As we have said earlier, they have a fit snug, but at the same time, the shoes provide a bit of allowance for your feet. Maybe for a bit of moving room for the feet? This is a problem for some people who need working shoes that should fit perfectly and would not move around.

It is also waterproof to some extent. It cannot withstand large and deep puddles. If you find yourself standing in a puddle for a long time, there is a chance that water would seep into the shoes.

Also, the steel safety and composite safety toe design are just words thrown into the air as the shoes themselves do not have steel in them. So there are really no purposes for these features.

Keen Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe


These shoes are also marketed to be gender specific, but just like the other brands, these work shoes can also be worn by women. The material of the shoes is leather. It has a rubber sole and the heels measure to be 1.25,” and the platforms are 0.5″. It is also waterproof.

The design of shoes has steel toes that are asymmetrical. In support of the midfoot, it has a shank of torsional stability. The foot bed has a removable dual density that is metatomical. The soles are also slip- and oil-resistant.

The outline of the shoes has heel locks that are contoured to maintain its shape and to provide durability. Lastly, it prevents bad odor due to the CleanSport NXT(TM) Odor Protection feature.


They are one of the most breathable work shoes out there. Even if you have these shoes on for over 12 hours, your feet would not feel any strain. You would not feel any heaviness on your toes or on the top of the shoe even if the shoes have steel in it. This footwear is very comfortable to walk around in.

The odor protection feature also helps a lot to keep your feet smelling fresh all day.


It is not really that waterproof. The water can slip off of the material, but when the shoes are exposed outside in the rain, the water will enter the shoe. The case is also the same when standing in puddles.

This shoe is also not durable. It can still hold its shape against difficult terrain, and the steel plates that it has protects the shoe from compression, but it cannot withstand the regular wear and tear in terms of frequency of use. The heels might get detached, or the soles can be unconsciously sanded down

Wolverine Men’s Floorhand 6 Inch Waterproof Soft Toe Work Shoe


The material of this shoe is full grain leather which is also waterproof. It also has soles made of rubber. The measure of arch up to the shaft is 6”. For a comfortable wear, the inside is padded with a cushioned footbed.

You would not have problems walking or even running on oily or slick surfaces as the base has a design for proper friction. For added traction to the base of the shoe, it also has outsoles made of rubber.


These shoes would stand the test of time. They are that durable and well made. No amount of hiking, running, or even jamming the shoe on concrete would break the overall design of the shoe.

At the same time, they are very comfortable to wear. Their claim that it is waterproof is also true since you can even stand in large puddles and your feet would stay dry.


The strength of this shoe can also be its weakness since it is very durable the feel of the shoe can be quite heavy. Its design is also bulky that it might not fit the preference of most people in terms of aesthetics.

Lastly, there is a bit of issue in terms of matching your foot size. Some sizes have a bit of allowance of space to them, while others are just as is. It is hard to find a size that would perfectly fit your feet.

The Best Waterproof Work Shoes: The Winner

Out of all the best waterproof work shoes, the winner is the one from Wolverine. It is the most effective when it comes to being waterproof. It is also the most durable but at the same time the most comfortable.

When looking for good work shoes, your priority should always be the durability and comfortability—not the aesthetics. The Wolverine shoe might not be the best-looking shoe in the market, but you are sure that your feet will stay dry and will be in good shape when you wear these working shoes.

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