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Sunville – Women’s Short Ankle Rubber Rain Boots Review

Sunville – Women’s Short Ankle Rubber Rain Boots Review

When the fall is well on its way we are usually faced with some unexpected or expected rain and the rain boot is a necessity at this time of year. Protecting the feet from getting wet is also the safest way to keep yourself cold-free in any sense.

And the rain boot does not have to be some boring recycled green color like the classical Wellington gardening boot. Now you can choose rain boots, also known as galoshes, in an array of colors and styles.

Waterproof performance

The main reason to wear rain boots is to keep the rain or the melting snow away from your feet. The waterproof performance is the most important aspect when looking for a good pair of rain boots. The material that these are built from needs to be properly thick and mustn’t have any holes or possible weak spots for leaks.


The rain boot is a purpose worn footwear meaning it is not built for extra comfort but for practical reasons – the primary being keeping dry feet. But that does not mean that you have to completely forgo the comfort aspect.

The rain boots you choose need to fit nicely and do not press anywhere. As you will probably wear them for prolonged times, they need to provide enough foot support or have enough space for inserting anatomical insoles.

Non-slip grip

The outsoles of the rain boot need to have good grooves and lugs to allow for good traction and grip on various surfaces. As they are usually work in wet conditions when most surfaces are very slippery, the good grip to the ground is one most important feature.

Style, pattern, height

The rain boot has become a sort of a fashion item, and today they come in a variety of styles. The most popular ones are knee height and ankle height. These rarely come with laces, as the laces are a weak spot for possible leaks. However, these come in a variety of styles, colors, and prints.

Sunville Women’s Short Ankle Rubber Rain Boots

A most popular design is the ankle height rain boot. This variation of the classic Chelsea design boot is a must-have for any devoted fashion lover. The Sunville Women’s Short Ankle Rubber Rain Boots fulfill all the above-mentioned aspects that make for a good rain boot.

Main Features

  • Waterproof rubber upper
  • Removable insole
  • Thick one-inch heel
  • Elastic flex bands on both sides
  • Nice threads on the outsole
  • Cotton lining for added comfort
  • Pull tab for easy slipping on and off


The Sunville Women’s Short Ankle Rubber Rain Boots are a fairly affordable choice for rain boots. They come with some nice pros, like:

  • A variety of colors and finishes
  • Rubber material is very easy to clean and does not require any special treatment
  • The insole is removable and can be changed with an anatomical insole
  • The side elastic bands allow for a nice fit on different feet
  • Waterproof performance
  • Thick one-inch heel for extra comfort in walking
  • The inside is lined with cotton for enjoyable fit
  • A nice tab on the back for easy putting on and off


These, like any other product, have some cons like:

  • They do not come in half sizes
  • Smell of plastic when new which disappears quickly

The Sunville Women’s Short Ankle Rubber Rain Boots have a really cute design and come in several different colors and patterns. Not only they provide protection against the elements, they can be a fashion item. The short ankle height is nice when wearing them with a nice skirt, pants or jeans.

These rain boots are built for practicality and come with a simple insole. They have a wide design and fit over feet with various widths. This is beneficial when wearing them in cold weather and you need room to fit a thicker pair of socks to keep your feet warm as these boots only offer protection against the rain and not really against the cold.

The threaded outsoles are rubber and have a good grip on wet surfaces. These are easy to put on and take off as they have elastic strips on both sides that allow them to fit nicely around your ankles even with thick socks.

These are made in China and when unpacked have a distinct smell of plastic that disappears relatively fast. These do not come in half sizes, so if you wear a half size, it is recommended that you get the next full size up.


A very similar product in design and price is the Norty Lady’s Ankle Rain Boots. These are very similar in design, build, quality and pricing with the Sunville Women’s Short Ankle Rubber Rain Boots.

The Norty’s Rain Boots come in several more colors and patterns than the Sunville’s. The Norty’s are also water resistant and will protect the feet in the rain, snow or when jumping in puddles or walk in the dewy grass. The upper is made from a rubber material that is also very easy to clean.

Same as the Sunville’s Rain Boots, the Norty’s Rain Boots also have nice, rugged threads on the bottom offering a secure grip and non-slip performance on wet surfaces. These are lined with cotton lining to provide protection of the feet. They have the elastic bands on the sides that stretch when putting on and taking off.


The Sunville Women’s Short Ankle Rubber Rain Boots are a good choice for a seasonal rain boot. Made from rubber-like material upper and rubber outsoles, with cotton lining and removable insole, these rain boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Having multiple choices when it comes to colors and patterns, these affordable ankle booties will protect your feet from the rain or snow while you enjoy wearing them and you will even get some compliments on your choice of rain boots.

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