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Sorel Men’s Cheyanne Lace Rain Boot Review

Sorel Men's Cheyanne Lace Rain Boot Review

Rain boots are designed to keep water from getting to your feet and help keep them dry at all times during rainy or slushy weather. If you live in areas that are frequently visited by rain and have higher amounts of snow, investing in a good pair of rain boots is a must.

It will make walking on those conditions safer and more comfortable. Whenever rain boots are mentioned, most men still think of the models of old so they are not too keen on wearing them.

However, due to demand, rain boots have undergone a serious makeover and now they can be fittingly referred to as fashion accessories with a serious function. Know more about theSorel Men’s Cheyanne Lace Rain Boot by reading this review.

Features of the Sorel Men’s Cheyanne Lace Rain Boot

  • Comes with seam-sealed, waterproof, and durable full-grain leather uppers
  • Has lightweight, waterproof rubber shells to protect against rain, mud, and slush
  • Secure laces for better fit
  • Comes with cushioned collars for comfortable ankles
  • Includes leather linings supported by 200g of Thinsulate polyester fiber insulation
  • Has rubber midsoles that serve as cushioning and shock absorber
  • Ideal for casual use
  • Over the ankle height


The Cheyanne from Sorel is a rain boot that merges function and great design. Rain boots were designed specifically to prepare individuals for the onset of the elements. Spring and other seasons that come with rainy weather are a perfect time for you to wear rain boots.

It is your job to make sure that your feet stay in tip top condition even in inclement weather. Guarantee that you wear something like the Cheyanne during those slick, rainy days and evenings.

Quality and effective rain boots have the capability to protect your feet properly and your lower legs from getting dirtied and wet by rain, mud, slush, and other related conditions. To improve protection for users, you need to have a pair of rain boots that feature excellent durability. Invest in a quality pair and you will not be disappointed when the elements come.

If you are hesitant on buying rain boots because of their appearance, better think again and do some research. These days the like of the Cheyanne are now giving rain boots a good name. Modern rain boots now have styles that you will like to wear in public.

The majority of rain boots for men have similar features as hiking boots and even come with leather like this Cheyanne model. Now you won’t have to worry about a pair of rubber boots clashing with your casual best—a pair like the Cheyanne will make you stylish and at the same time provide you with the protection you need during harsh weather conditions.

No more worrying about getting your pants and feet wet; these rain boots will do the job.

Another advantage of wearing rain boots is the fact that they have better traction compared to ordinary shoes. Apart from being waterproof, rain boots have excellent traction in order to prevent their wearers from slipping on wet pavement.

They are designed in a way that it will help prevent users from slipping and other related incidents. Thus this makes rain boots a solution for extreme climates.

The Cheyanne is designed to be worn during the cold and wet seasons. It will bring you the warmth and comfort you need during those times. The waterproof structure it comes with provides the wearer a dry, comfortable fit regardless of the level of damp you might be in. This model has lots of great traction thus it will prevent slippage and with this you can walk comfortably and ably on slick streets.

The Cheyanne is also recommended for outdoor sports like sledding and snowmobiling according to the brand. You can wear this out of doors for active pursuits that you are into like fishing, hunting, or just commuting to and from work.

It has a nice appearance and they have top notch construction. They are ideal to be worn in rainy weather compared to thicker snow but if you want to up the insulation, you can go for aftermarket insoles.

The model is completely waterproof, extra durable, and it has an overall excellent design that makes them a cinch to go with your rugged or casual outfits.


One drawback of the Cheyanne is that the boots run a bit small. You have to add half an inch in case you want to buy one. Plus as mentioned earlier, they are not fit for areas with thicker snow but work perfectly well in a rainy climate.


If you are on the lookout for a pair of rain boots that combine both design and functionality, you should check out the Sorel Men’s Cheyanne Lace Rain Boot. The pair is quite durable, has capable construction that will last for a good while, and feels comfortable as long as you buy a half inch larger. Recommended due to quality and comfort.

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