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Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Boot Review

Nomad Women's Puddles Rain Boot Review

Keeping your feet warm and dry, even with puddles of rain and slush of melting snow on the ground, is the primary reason for wearing rain boots, also known as galoshes, Wellington boots, and Wellies in North America. The footwear is usually made of waterproof material, such as rubber and polyvinyl chloride, and designed with water protection in mind (e.g., below-the-knee length).

And if you’re looking for a pair of women’s rain boots that can hold up well with regular use, then you should consider Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Boots. We consider them as among the best rain boots for women because of their durable materials and build, practical features, and beautiful designs to choose from. But you should also be the judge of them and you may consider buying them – our review of their features, pros, and cons can help in your decision.

Features of the Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Boot

The Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Boots have the following features based on our observations and per the manufacturer’s description.

  • Rubber material used for the upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Soft fabric lining
  • Measurement from shaft to arch 12.5”
  • Heel height 1.25”
  • Platform measurement 0.50”
  • Boot opening 15.5” around
  • With adjustable size buckle
  • Printed patterns available

Many of the best women’s rain boots have bright and bold colors and well as vibrant prints and patterns, and even ornamental ribbons for a more feminine effect. This is true for Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Boots, which are available in several eye-catching styles that stylish women will definitely love.

These styles include plaid patterns (i.e., think Burberry), a black-and-white hounds tooth pattern, a black-and-white chevron print, and a grey-and-white herringbone pattern. There are also brightly colored patterns that will surely attract attention to your chic personal style even during rainy weather! Many buyers even said that they bought two pairs just so they could mix and match these boots with their spring wardrobe.

While these rain boots can be used for light rugged conditions, such as gardening work, most women have said that they treat them as “dressy Wellingtons”. You can follow their example by wearing the Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Boots with your cute dresses, fitted and flowing skirts, and skinny pants for city use. You will find that these Wellies will blend in well with your feminine style, especially when you’re into colorful footwear.

But there’s more to these rain boots than their beautiful appearance. These are, in fact, also practical to use for women on the go, such as soccer mothers, career women, and gardeners, among others.

The durable rubber material used for the upper can withstand months of regular use during the spring season. The boots have sufficient “give” when you’re bending your feet so there’s little problem about sore feet at the end of the day. The seams appear to be solid, too, so there’s little danger of gaping seams at the sides and front after a few uses.

The boots also have a thicker liner so your feet can be kept warm even with thin boot socks. But you can also wear thicker socks when you want more warmth during colder weather. Just keep in mind that these will not keep you warm during snow days. But that isn’t a problem since these aren’t designed for these conditions in the first place – snow-suitable footwear is better for these days.

Due to the 15.5-inch boot opening, you should have little to no problem putting on each boot. This is with the assumption that you made the right choice in size since a too small size means more difficulty in getting your feet inside the boots. We suggest getting a smaller size than your usual size since the boots run large.

The adjustable size buckle at the side serves a practical and ornamental function. You can use it to tighten or loosen the fit around your legs so that you can achieve your most comfortable fit. You will also love it because it breaks up the pattern on the boots’ surface.


  • Several beautiful prints to choose from
  • Soft and smooth feel on the skin
  • Great fit from the legs to the feet
  • Sufficient support for the arch
  • Keeps the feet warm and dry during rainy days
  • Easy to clean material
  • Dressy style


  • Runs large
  • Cannot be used for more rugged conditions


The Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Boots will make a city explorer out of you! These boots are great for walking around the city on rainy days.

Your feet will stay warm, dry and protected from the natural elements, as can be expected from high-quality waterproof rain boots. Your fashionista side will also love them because of their chic and contemporary prints coupled with their sleek profile – no bulky boots for stylish women, even when it comes to rain boots. Just make sure to keep them well-maintained to make them last longer.

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