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Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot Review

Kamik Women's Heidi Rain Boot Review

Women are more likely to be pickier about their choices in rain boots, also known as Wellington boots and galoshes, in the United States and Canada. There are many reasons for such picky attitudes towards practical footwear, such as women generally being more conscious about their style choices than men. Of course, these statements are generalizations because there will always be an exception to the rule.

With this in mind, the Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Bootsfit the bill nicely for what women want in their Wellies – beautiful in design yet durable and practical in their features. But since each woman has her own idea about their needs and wants in rain boots, we will let you decide whether the footwear is up your alley. Here’s our take on the matter that can help in your decision.

Features of the Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot

These Heidi Rain Boots have the following features according to its manufacturer:

  • Manmade waterproof material
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft to arch measurement 11”
  • Heel height around 1”
  • Boot opening 13.5” around
  • Removable comfort bed

Such a basic description of the Heidi Rain Boots doesn’t tell their whole story so let’s get into the details. The upper part of the boots is made of 50% natural and plant material, apparently chosen for its desirable qualities. When worn, the boots have a comfortable feel against the skin (i.e., no socks yet), thanks to the relatively soft, supple and smooth feel of the material used. You will even agree that the boots bend, literally, when you bend your foot so the issue of stiff material becomes moot.

The designs are attractive, too – or as many women who bought these boots have described, really cute and charming, even chic. The vinyl-covered canvas material comes in several colors from basic black to bright ruby red so there’s always a pair of Heidi Rain Boots that will blend in well with your spring and winter wardrobes.

You may, for example, choose the black noir boots as your all-around boots for everyday activities and wear the ruby red boots when you want to be more flamboyant on a date.  Think of the Heidi Rain Boots as your “dress rain boots” if you will, since these are, indeed worthy to be flaunted.

The material is also easy to clean so these boots will appear nearly brand-new even with daily use for several months. The dirt, dust and debris on the boots’ surfaces can be cleaned with a clean rag and water, perhaps with a pressure hose first in case of stubborn dirt. The exterior soles can be cleaned with a pressure hose to remove mud, among other debris picked up from the ground.

If you’re concerned about scuff marks showing up on the boots, you may want to consider choosing a lighter color. The black boots will likely show these marks but these can also be removed with proper use and maintenance.

Since these are women’s rain boots, the feet and calf areas are narrower in comparison with those on men’s wellies. This can be a boon or a bane depending on the actual size and shape of your feet. You may think it’s a boon because the narrower profile means a daintier (i.e., more feminine) appearance that lends itself well to dresses and skirts, even for skinny jeans. You may, in contrast, think of it as a bane if you have wider feet and calves but you may also consider going up a larger size or, if necessary, getting men’s rain boots with a gender-neutral design.

Appearances aside, the Heidi Rain Boots are as durable and practical as they come! The manmade material doesn’t easily crack, warp or tear with daily use during the spring season or on rainy days. Most of the buyers say that they have owned these boots for several years and, so far, they continue to hold up well.


The Heidi Rain Boots are popular due to these pros:

  • Choice in several eye-catching colors from black to red, yellow and green
  • Waterproof material used on the boots and their soles
  • Waterproof construction with solid seams and knee-high shaft height
  • Easy to put on and wear despite the narrower opening at the top
  • Sleek and stylish in design, especially since there’s no bulky toe box
  • Comfortable to wear although fleece liners and thick socks are necessary for added comfort
  • Fitted top of the boots so flapping around the legs can be avoided
  • Sufficient room for tucking in skinny jeans
  • Deep treads for good traction


  • Boots are dressier than expected
  • Boots cannot be worn for more rugged conditions, such as in sports


The Heidi Rain Boots are great for city use as well as for light country use. Their vibrant colors, glossy material, and chic profile make them desirable for women who want their rain boots to be beautiful first as well as practical and durable, second. These can be used for several occasions as well as with different ensembles so you can get good value for money.

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