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Kamik Raindrops Rain Boot Product Review

Kamik Raindrops Rain Boot Product Review

The feet are among the most overused parts of the body and pain in this area can slow down any person from doing his or her daily routine. This is why it is essential to choose proper footwear—yes, including rain boots. This is especially true for children who love to jump on muddy puddles and run around for hours and are not yet mindful of how to protect their feet. As such it is best to buy the little ones functional rain boots to protect their fragile feet.

Which Boots To Buy?

Contrary to popular belief, buying a pair of rain boots is not that easy. Some people make the mistake of only looking at the size and the designs when purchasing a pair. However, there are other things to consider when making a purchase other than the print, color, finish or size.

  • Dimensions

When buying rain boots, one must ask how the product protects the feet from getting wet. This means looking at a couple of things, particularly the height of the boot, the lining as well as the material.

Rain boots, as its name suggest, must prevent the feet from getting wet from rain or even flooding. That is why most rain boots on the market are 100 percent waterproof. But being made from waterproof rubber is not the only consideration. One must also look at the footwear’s dimension. How high are the boots from the arch? Keep in mind that boots with higher height can protect the feet more adequately when passing through puddles or slightly flooded areas.

  • Interior

Aside from the height, one must look at the materials or make of the insides of the footwear. In cases where water has seeped through the boot, how does the product help in keeping the feet dry? Many products on the market have a lining that is made from cotton to help absorb the moisture on the feet while others cannot boast of this feature. Plus, lining also prevents the feet from getting calluses from constant wear.

Checking insoles is another item on the checklist when buying a pair of rain boots. Insoles provide comfort when using the footwear especially if the shoes are to be worn for hours. Many manufacturers do not include insoles on their products even if this is a crucial consideration for buyers. Insoles provide more cushioning for the feet thus allowing users to wear the item comfortably even when traversing through rough surfaces.

  • Exterior

Buyers must also check the traction of the boots to see how well the pair will hold up against soft grounds. One simply must look at the bottom of the footwear to know how its designed traction will help navigate challenging terrains.

With all these said, you are probably on the lookout for a good product. Good thing we have dedicated this article to one of the best pairs on the market: the Kamik raindrops rain boot. Read on to know how this item exactly fares.

Why Choose Kamik Raindrops Rain Boot?

Kamik is a Canadian-based manufacturer of outdoor footwear. It is a family-owned enterprise that has been around for almost 120 years. Kamik promises durable and quality products as they claim to test all their products before they are sold. The company, after all, believes that bad weather should not be a hindrance from going out as long as one wears good footwear.

The Kamik raindrops rain boot promises protection and comfort for little and big kids. This pair of boots is made from 100 percent waterproof rubber and has a synthetic sole. Plus, the product has a removable insole made from ethylene vinyl acetate.

This product covers a portion of the calves as the shaft measures roughly nine inches from the arch. The heels are approximately an inch high while the platform and boot opening measures half an inch and 12.75 inches, respectively. These boots come with a decorative side buckle that is meant to add more style to the usual pair of boots.


  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Has removable insole made from ethylene vinyl acetate
  • High boots since shaft measures around nine inches from arch


  • Insole is thin
  • Decorative buckle rips off easily
  • Has an odd fit as sizes are too small


This product from Kamik is very similar to other products on the market. For example, both Western Chief Kids’ youth rain boot and Polar Rain Snow Boot have similar designs to the Kamik rain boots with its decorative side buckle. Both products also promise to protect the feet of the little ones with their 100 percent waterproof rubber.

However, Western Chief Kids’ boot is a bit better than Kamik’s as it has other features that give added value for users. It has a cotton lining that can absorb moisture to keep the feet dry. It also has a reflective stripe at its bottom for safety purposes. However, in terms of height, Kamik’s boots have a higher height of nine inches from the arch, two inches more than Western Chief Kids’ seven inches. Plus, Western Chief Kids’ boot’s paint easily comes off, a let down that Kamik’s boot does not share.

On the other hand, Polar Rain Snow Boot shares the same disadvantage of Kamik as its buckle straps easily fall off.


The Kamik rain boots are your typical rain boots for kids. This pair of boots is made from 100 percent waterproof material to keep the little one’s feet from getting wet. It also has a removable insole made from ethylene vinyl acetate. Most importantly, this boot from Kamik has one advantage: its height. Its shaft measures nine inches from the arch, taller than most other boot on the market.

However, this product is far from perfect. For one, its decorative buckle closure on the side easily rips off. This detail provides no value added to the user except to add some style to the footwear. Plus, the boot does not come with any lining on the inside, unlike other similar items. But that is not to say that the Kamik boot is not worth buying. Its shaft’s height is a major consideration as it can provide additional protection.

However, if the inside lining is essential for you as an added layer of protection to ensure that the feet are dry all the time, then you are probably better off looking at a different pair.

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