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Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boot Review

Joules Women's Welly Print Rain Boot Review

Who says that Wellington boots cannot be a balance between practicality and beauty? While practical features, such as waterproof materials and design, are a must, the beautiful features in women’s rain boots shouldn’t be overlooked. This is especially true if Wellingtons will be used as part of an outfit for running around town on errands, perhaps even on dates during the rainy season.

Fortunately, there are women’s rain boots that meet both standards and Joules Women’s Welly Print rain boots are among the best examples. Such a bold statement obviously demands more explanation as well as a personal experience for the reader! Here then is our take on these printed Wellies including their features, pros, and cons that you can consider during your purchase.

Features of the Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boot

Joules Women’s Welly Print rain boots have several features that distinguish the pair from the basic black Wellies on the market. Don’t worry either about them having too many bells and whistles since the added features have practical functions.

  • Manmade material for the printed upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Measures around 13” from the shaft to the arch
  • Heel height 1” with a platform measuring about 0.5”
  • Boot opening measures about 15.25” around
  • Lugged outsole
  • Adjustable buckle strap with an expanding inset
  • Pull-on loop at the back

These boots are meant to be seen! There are several designs to choose from but we must say that every one of them immediately catches the eye, especially when these are worn amidst a sea of basic black boots. The main thing that attracts the eyes are the contemporary prints including stripes and patterns in different combinations, such as navy stripes, bee patterns, and grey with black stripes.

Such patterns will likely turn off women who want basic black or solid colors in their Wellington boots. But if you’re the type who wants more color in your rain boots, then these are great choices. You can mix and match whatever your choice in these boots with your spring and winter wardrobe, such as striped boots with solid-colored skirts.

Of course, beautiful boots are a waste of money if and when these aren’t durable and practical, particularly when these fall apart after a few days of regular use. This isn’t true for Joules Women’s Welly Print rain boots, as we have proven ourselves, since these have many practical features.

First, these are well-made boots from the lugged outsoles to the top opening. The seams are durable enough to withstand multiple uses over several years – no leaks, no cracks, and no warps – although proper maintenance is always a must. Just clean them with a clean rag and water, perhaps a pressure hose on the outside sole, to keep the manmade material healthy, so to speak.

Second, these have features that make them easy to use and wear. The boot opening is wide enough to put your feet and legs in, even with thick socks, while the expanding inset adjusts to fit wider legs. The adjustable buckle strap doesn’t just add an attractive detail but it allows users to adjust the fit as they want it – tighter in case of a dress combo or looser in case the pants’ legs are to be tucked inside the boots.

Third, the lugged outsole maintains good traction on both smooth pavements and rugged ground, albeit these aren’t exactly designed for sports activities like mountaineering. Walking and running shouldn’t be a problem in these boots provided that you chose the right size.

Fourth, these are easy to put on, too. The boot’s top opening is the right size for putting in wider feet although the boots themselves give a snug fit with room to wiggle your toes. The pull-on loop at the back also helps in easier wearing – just pull on it to ease your feet down the shaft.

These are also obviously waterproof boots for many reasons. The manmade material repels water away from the interior and the boots’ height ensures that rainwater, puddles and melted snow cannot enter them.


  • Gorgeous prints to choose from
  • Easy to put on and wear
  • Gives a snug yet comfortable fit, especially with the adjustable buckle and expanding insert
  • Great heel height
  • Good traction


  • Runs larger


Joules Women’s Welly Print rain boots are considered as among the best in their category for good reasons. Each pair is beautiful, thanks to their attractive prints, as well as durable and practical due to their materials and design.

While many women use these boots for work-related purposes, such as farm work, most women also use them for their daily life activities in the city. We have read about women using them for shopping, for going on dates, and for running around town during rainy and snowy weather. These are even considered as better alternatives to Uggs because these designer boots aren’t exactly designed for rugged wear, despite the hype.

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