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Helly Hansen Men’s Midsund 2 Rain Boot Review

Helly Hansen Men's Midsund 2 Rain Boot Review

Choosing the best rain boots becomes an easier process when reputable brands are included in the shortlist. This is true in the case of Helly Hansen rain boots, which are manufactured by a reliable manufacturer of weather protective gear. Indeed, with the company’s long history – it was established in 1877 – the rubber rain boots bearing its brand frequently enter the lists of the best in the market.

There’s also another reason for the outstanding quality of Helly Hansen rain boots – the company considers rain boots as the core of its business. The result: Rubber boots that work well in a wide range of applications including sports, survival and daily activities.

With such high expectations set, the question remains: Does the Helly Hansen Men’s Midsund 2 Rain Boot deliver on overall performance based on the standards set by the company? Before we answer with a definitive “yes” or “no”, let’s take a look at their features, pros, and cons to get a better picture.

Features of the Helly Hansen Men’s Midsund 2 Rain Boot

The Midsund 2 rain boots are designed for men’s use but many women also buy the versatile footwear for themselves. This isn’t surprising at all since many women like men’s rain boots because of their wider design on the toe and calf areas. The fit for men and women who find the right size for themselves is frequently described as comfortable yet snug in the right places, usually around the toes, ankles and legs.

The boots have these features, per the manufacturer’s description:

  • Rubber material for upper and midsole
  • Rubber sole and gum rubber outsole
  • Measurement from shaft to arch 9.5”
  • Heel height around 1.25”
  • Boot opening about 14” around

As many reviewers have said, these are attractive-looking boots despite the simplicity of their design – or as we say it, their beauty lies in the simplicity. These boots can then be worn about town when you’re running errands as well as during more rugged situations, such as working in your garden or farm. Such versatility can also be attributed to its simple Scandinavian design sensibility.

Besides, beauty in basic Wellington boots can be overrated since overall performance is always the primary consideration for their purchase. In this aspect, the Midsund 2 rain boots perform so well that most reviewers call them a great pair of boots, thanks to their durability over a few years of regular use. Even when these boots look battered after a few years, they can still be used in rugged conditions because the rubber hasn’t cracked and warped – of course, this is with the assumption that these were taken care of through regular cleaning and proper storage.

As for the size, most reviewers say that these are true to size, if you’re a man. Just be sure to put in a half-size allowance in case you’re planning on wearing them with thick socks for added insulation and traction on the inside. Otherwise, just buy your regular size when you’re choosing regular shoes, such as loafers and sneakers.

If you’re a woman planning to buy these shoes because women’s rain boots can be problematic for women with wider feet and calves, just order one size below your usual size. For example, buy the size 8 if you’re usual shoes are in size 9 or 9.5 so that you will still have the assurance of a snug yet comfortable fit. These boots are gender-neutral yet still look classy on women.

The deep treads provide good traction on mud, sand and gravel, and even on light snow so keeping your footing is less of an issue. These are also easy to clean with a pressure hose to avoid dirt accumulation.

The opening at the top is wider than most Wellington boots we have come across. But this is a good thing since there’s room for tucking in your pant legs.


  • Well-made boots that can last for years
  • Simple yet stylish gender-neutral design
  • Wider top opening that provides a snug fit with the pants’ legs tucked into them
  • Good exterior and interior traction
  • Easy and comfortable to wear


  • No embellishments that make them suitable for more fashionable men


When it comes to men’s rain boots, the matters of durability and practicality comes first while beauty comes in at a close second. But since there’s also beauty in simplicity, most men’s boots are designed along these lines – and the Helly Hansen Men’s Midsund 2 rain boots were made along these lines.

Based on our tests as well as on consumer reviews, these boots work so well for men that many actually wear them every chance they get! This includes wearing them to the city for errands during rainy days and wearing them to the country whenever there’s rugged work to be done, no matter the weather.

We then recommend buying these boots when you’re looking for strong and sturdy, as well as versatile and practical, boots for yourself or for your man.

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