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DREAM PAIRS Mens Rubber Sole Winter Snow Rain Boots Review

DREAM PAIRS Mens Rubber Sole Winter Snow Rain Boots Review

Nowadays, the footwear industry is more focused on the looks. This aspect of shoes is pleasing to the eye but isn’t really useful in other situations. Boots are perhaps the best way of mixing usefulness and aesthetics.

They should be an essential part of every footwear roster. This is because they provide comfort and protection from natural factors. It’s important for good boots to possess an all-around mix of different features.

They should also have the endurance for all weather conditions – snow, rain, and other potential catastrophes. By having good boots, you make sure you can be safe and dry under unusual conditions. Making good shoes isn’t rocket science.

They have to be simple, effective and resilient. DREAM PAIRS is a company that follows that motto. By creating simple low-key protective boots, they are able to deliver the features you need.

By testing this pair, we’ve concluded that they are flexible enough for even 10+ hour sessions. If you’re going to use them for winter hiking or mountaineering, they will provide no strain on the foot.

Aside from comfort, they come with many useful features. The sole is rubber and well stuck to the rest of the boot. This allows for fast-paced moving and direction changing.

About the product

Many pairs of boots are resilient to weather conditions but have one big flaw. They always seem to be heavy and not flexible. This can be a big problem if they need to be used every day.

In Northern parts of the world, you may need to wear them the entire day. The looks and the features don’t matter if they’re not comfortable.

The most important thing about high-grade boots is a guarantee of protection. DREAM PAIRS guarantees that they are immune to acid, water and oil. This goes for the upper and lower parts of it.

To make sure, we’ve decided to test it. All the protection information is true and it’s encased in a good outer appearance.


  • These boots are made from multi-layered, high-grade rubber. This allows them to be flexible and durable
  • The 1.5-inch platforms don’t make walking more difficult
  • Waterproof under all temperatures, including extreme heat and cold
  • The collar and tongue are padded for extra comfort
  • With a stable outsole, you get good traction on all types of ground


  • Provides stability in marsh terrain and on steep ground too
  • A simple and elegant look topped off by a good-looking shade of black
  • Acidic resistance makes them good for on-field work without fear


  • The insole tends to move when walking
  • Even though you can tighten them, they can be loose


To summarize – this pair of boots is worth the praise it gets. We see that the company put a lot of effort into designing a pair for all possible conditions.

Honestly, we didn’t expect for them to be acid-resistant. After a few tests, they’ve shown that they can do this without a problem.

Of course, you shouldn’t step in acid or stand in it for long. When testing boots, the tests have to be long and extensive.

In order to do this, we do our tests in a thorough way. They also managed to withstand snow and being soaked in water for tens of hours.

They can even go with some “fancier” coats and jeans. Because of the matte color, they don’t seem like a pair of workboats. This is known as the main problem when speaking about men’s winter boots.

On top of all this, they come at a very economical price.  It’s rare to find good durable shoes at the beginning of the season.


One fact about the DREAM PAIRS models is that they are not good for the extreme cold. Yes, they may be a good solution for large amounts of snow and rain.

Despite that, your feet can feel cold, even though they don’t get wet. That’s why we recommend these L&M models as an alternative. They come with a fur interior, which is something you want in extreme conditions.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t have a good outside, too. Like the DREAM PAIRS boots, this pair is resistant to water, oil and slipping. A downside may be that they aren’t resistant to acid. That’s why we don’t recommend that you use them as work boots.

Another thing why you may choose them for is the thermolite insulation. Along with all the other features, an economic price is another case for buying this pair.

Basically, if you want real winter protection – choose this L&M pair of boots. If you don’t need the fur, then the DREAM PAIRS pair will work. Depends on where you live, too.


In contrast with most boot models, DREAM PAIRS wanted to create a good-looking, but the working pair.  If you choose to buy them, you will be pleasantly surprised. You can try them with any different outfit and they will fit.

It was a good choice to release them is this matte black version. They don’t intrude upon other clothes, which is good. This alone puts them over other pairs.

There were some issues with the insoles moving around, but this was only after lots of testing. This is a common problem with every new pair of boots, don’t worry. It’s a small price to pay to be set for the winter.

All in all, you can say that these are universal shoes. This is because you can use them for both work and everyday things. It’s very rare that you find a pair of boots that may be able to play this role.

Here is your chance to get one. If you want to be protected against all weather conditions and have warm feet, we recommend you this excellent pair. They don’t come with a guarantee, but it looks like you won’t even need one. A pair of boots like this shouldn’t be ignored.

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