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Do You Wear Socks with Rain Boots: A Guide on Wearing Rain Boots

do you wear socks with rain boots

Here’s an age-old question, “Do you wear socks with rain boots?” Up until now, there is no specific answer to this. You are either “team no socks” or “team with socks.” Also, this question stems from not only aesthetic concerns but also comfort. It is really hard to find that healthy balance between looking and feeling good in rain boots, right?

In line with this, there are also several concerns regarding wearing socks. Will your feet freeze? Will you get moist down there? Yes, we just said moist because let us face it, this and more will probably happen to your feet if you do not go about wearing your rain boots the proper way. Who would have thought that it can be this complicated?

Do not fret; we will look into this “rain boot phenomenon.” At the same time, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wearing socks inside your rain boots. So, do you wear socks with rain boots? Read on to find out.

What is the Idea Behind Rain Boots?

Let’s first discuss the actual wearing of rain boots. The main reason why there are rain boots can come from the name itself—you wear them when it is raining. It has the perfect design to protect your feet and even your legs from the rain. Further, the underside of the boots has a different ridge design so that you will not slip easily while walking on wet pavements.

However, all of us know that the “because it is raining” reason is a gray area. Due to the rapid change in trends and styles, we now find wearing rain boots as a fashion statement. This reality makes it hard for us to know whether we should be wearing socks or not.

Some people wear their rain boots all day as is, while others wear their regular shoes inside the rain boots. Do not get us started with the various kinds as there is a lot to choose from. From ankle cuts to the shape of the boot itself, clearly, rain boots are not what they were 10 years ago.

Do You Wear Socks with Rain Boots?

For the benefit of this read, we will be dividing this section of the article into two. The first one being, wearing them since it is raining, and the other one being, just because they look good.

With Socks

  • When it’s raining:

An advantage of wearing a pair of socks is that you have another piece of clothing that can help warm your feet against the cold temperature. Also, you protect your feet from getting blisters because usually, rain boots do not come in your perfect size. In addition to this, our feet tend to swell a bit in cold temperatures, so it will feel kind of snug in your footwear.

Further, when you wear the right socks, you will not experience clammy feet because your feet can adequately breathe inside your boots. Lastly, it can act as another barrier in the event that your boots get soaked. Even before the wetness touches your feet, your socks can absorb it first, and again if you have the right socks, the wet feeling will eventually dissipate.

The biggest disadvantage with this is your choice of socks. If you just use ankle socks or those which are made of light material, they will actually cause you more harm than good. If your socks cannot grip the inside of your boots properly, then say hello to blisters! Additionally, if water gets inside the boots and you have the wrong socks, your feet can quickly get wet. You will be going about your day with wet and possibly smelly feet.

  • For fashion:

We are talking about rain boots that do not actually have a protective covering in them. In this case, you are only wearing socks to help keep the bottom part of your jeans inside the boot, that is if you are not wearing skinny jeans. Further, you can get away with different styles and lengths of socks. Maybe let the stripes peek through your boots? Or go all out and wear those knee-highs.

A disadvantage to this is it gets pretty hot if it is not raining. Thus, you are continuously insulating the inside of your boots. The end result is still wet and smelly feet.

Without Socks

  • When it’s raining:

Wow, you are so brave for doing so! For you to go out in the rain with just your boots, you surely must have a hardcore pair of rain boots. However, the biggest win here is the fact that the absence of socks lets your feet be fully splayed.  Meaning, it is easier to walk because your toes are not restricted to movement.

The disadvantage here is the fact that when water seeps into your boots, you do not have a safeguard. Additionally, if you have sweaty feet, you do not have something to absorb that sweat, and that wetness will only stay on the inner lining of your boots. Lastly, if this moist feeling will linger, your feet will be sliding in your boots, so the chances of getting blisters are high.

  • For fashion:

Well, you might be wearing skinny jeans, and without socks, you will feel more comfortable as you are not stuffed with too much clothing. There are really no disadvantages to this because if it is not cold or wet outside and you are just wearing boots for fun, then it is more comfortable to do so without socks.


Now that you have reached the end of this article, there is still no clear answer, right? That is because it depends on the wearer of the rain boots. The two important things to note is the type of boots that you are wearing and your feet condition. If you sweat a lot, then it is best to wear socks. If your rain boots are not really made to withstand water, then you have to wear socks.

All in all, it is still trial and error. But just to be on the safe side, do carry tissues with you because you might just have to wipe your feet in the middle of the day.

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