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Daily Shoes Women’s Classic Rubber Rain Boots: Bringing Fun into Rain Boots

Daily Shoes Women's Classic Rubber Rain Boots

You do not always come across a pair of rain boots that will make you stop and stare at it. Well in the case of Daily Shoes Women’s Classic Rubber Rain Boots, this rare occurrence might just happen. Why? Because you are just going to see neon on top of neon. Do not get us wrong; these fun colors were actually executed in a very acceptable way.

Sporting this pair of boots might just become a fashion statement in itself but does it do its job? For that, we will conduct a thorough review. We will go through its claims, as well as list the advantages and disadvantages of using these boots. We are also going to pit it against an equally stylish pair of rain boots.

In the end, we can determine if wearing these fun rain boots is really worth it or are they just all about looking good. Since in reality, it is not only about aesthetics but also about the fact that your feet should not end up wet. Lastly, the ideal rain boots should also be comfortable and provide proper insulation. How will these rain boots fare? Read on to find out.

Daily Shoes Women’s Classic Rubber Rain Boots

The brand pushes for having a fun and stylish design which is not the norm for most rain boot brands. They also take pride in the fact that the boots are made of high-quality materials that can withstand the harshest weather conditions but still remain comfortable. Below are its key features, pros, and cons.



  • Comes in neon and classic colors
  • Made of synthetic rubber and foldable neoprene
  • Rubberized feet area
  • Have notches at the top to guide your foot in and out
  • Traction soles at the bottom are non-slip
  • Stretchable
  • Insulated interior
  • Sits approximately at your mid-calf
  • Platform Height: 0 inches
  • Boot Shaft Height: 12 inches
  • Boot Opening Circumference: 15 inches


  • Give a lot of space for the calves
  • Provide warmth
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Give a lot of traction on the ground
  • Effortless to wear and remove
  • Protect feet from water, snow, and other environmental elements
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Have a perfect fit
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Support the heel well
  • Can be paired with a lot of clothes
  • Do not retain moisture
  • Lining is well made
  • Can also be used for gardening


  • Cannot survive extreme changes in weather (hot to cold) glue can separate
  • Rubber creases and cracks easily
  • Not good on walking on rocks
  • Do not hold its shape
  • Bright color selections are not for everyone
  • Strong chemical scent
  • Not as durable as they claim to be, only good for one heavy use
  • Material used inside can blister the feet


The pair of Daily Shoes Women’s Classic Rubber Rain Boots is a very eye-catching product as it comes in a lot of outrageous colors. Its material is a unique combination of neoprene and synthetic rubber which makes it comfortable yet waterproof. Likewise, it can really properly insulate your feet against cold temperatures with its cushioned inner soles.

Its number one selling point is that it gives a lot of space for your calves, unlike other brands. However, you might encounter problems after a few regular uses, as well as because of the inevitable exposure to different temperatures. Although it claims to be capable of being used on other activities besides walking in the snow, it does not really hold well against rough and unstable grounds.

Comparison with the TONGPU Women’s Rubber Rain Boots

When it comes to style, the Daily Shoes Women’s Classic Rubber Rain Boots and TONGPU Women’s Rubber Rain Boots can really go head to head. The former offers a fun and unique modern feel, while the latter has that classic and sophisticated look. So we really cannot judge them based on design as each can definitely hold their own.

However, they differ in comfort and functionality. The one from TONGPU cannot go against cold temperatures, and it cannot even protect your foot against strong rain. Further, the design around the soles is too hard for comfort; hence, you will find it hard to walk in these boots. When you wear these, it is actually for the benefit of just looking good. Maybe use them when it is not raining?

On the other hand, the one from Daily Shoes can work both ways. You can get warm feet but not at the expense of fashion. They can still add more style to your outfit, but at the same time, protect your feet from the harsh elements. Not to mention, it has a non-slip outsole which will help you walk on those wet pavements without slipping.

Obviously, the one from Daily Shoes leagues better than the TONGPU one because it works as it is supposed to. The latter is just like a lame excuse for a rain boot. So do not be deceived by its elegant looks. Go for something that really does its job.


The pair of Daily Shoes Women’s Classic Rubber Rain Boots is a so-so product. Meaning, it is good, but it is not great, and at the same time, it is also not that bad. If you are someone who just quickly needs something to protect your feet for the meantime, these can be of use. But if you are looking for something that will last for a long time, give this one a pass.

To add, if you are someone who wants to express your unique personality through the things that you wear, then the color selection and the style of these rain boots will surely agree with your preference. Its greatest win is the fact that it gives a lot of extra space for the calves. In doing so, it allows for better movement and comfort.

However, this advantage is overturned by the fact that the boot itself is not that well made. What will you do with maximum comfort if your boots fall apart? Definitely, if you are still interested in this boot, you should have other back up rain boots which are more durable and can withstand harsh temperatures.

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