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Columbia Women’s Rainey Tall Rain Boot Review

Columbia Women's Rainey Tall Rain Boot Review

Rain boots are gaining ground once more due to the design overhauls the particular footwear have gone through. Gone are the days when rain boots came in boring yellow and black colors. Rain boots for women today mean fashionable colors and prints, even loud and colorful ones.

Rain boots are cheerier and a joy to wear and even comes with additional features to level up their functionality. In need of a pair? Find out more about the Columbia Women’s Rainey Tall Rain Boot. This might be the model you are looking for.

Features of the Columbia Women’s Rainey Tall Rain Boot

  • Comes with simple, fuss-free pull-on design
  • Waterproof tall model
  • Includes PVC upper free from phthalates
  • Includes polyester fabric lining for better comfort and in-shoe feel
  • Comes with aggressive rubber outsole for excellent traction
  • Guaranteed authentic product from the US


Regardless of the occasion, people want to look great most of the time. Each season brings a fashion style focusing on it—we have fall collections, collections for the spring, summer lines, and of course, ready to wear ones for winter use.

Spring means rain; however, the majority of wardrobe and footwear for spring are not really rain-ready thus we have to exert some creativity on what we really need to wear to combat the extremes. One good way to do this is to invest in a great pair of rain boots like the Rainey model from Columbia.

Rain boots these days are intended to maintain a dry spot for your feet and make them comfortable at all times even in the middle of the rain, sleet, or snow. They are usually made from rubber and most models go up to the middle of the calves or right beneath the wearer’s knees.

The Rainey, in particular, is a tall boot and if you need more protection, it is wise that you invest in a taller pair. Tall boots are a great recommendation for rain boots since they have a higher length thus water will not splash inside them and make the feet of the wearer wet.

Modern rain boots for women as mentioned previously now come in a wide range of designs and colors from brights down to neutrals, loud prints, or minimalist patterns.

Women’s rain boots from Columbia are available in a good selection of colors so you can choose one that best fits your preference. If you want a practical yet still stylish boot that has tons of functionality, you cannot go wrong with the Rainey.

The Rainey has a sleek design and comes with a tall style that will benefit ladies who hate having rain water or mud splashing inside their footwear. It comes with a shiny, waterproof upper so you won’t have to worry about the damp and wet dirt anymore, plus a fabric lining for comfort.

For better traction throughout the day, the boots come with aggressive outsoles. The design of the boot is attributed to the looks of riding boots, hence its stylish appearance. The high-gloss upper makes the whole boot sophisticated and it provides a great accent to an otherwise minimalist or neutral outfit. It will go well with your everyday casual looks and still make you look chic in the rain.

The PVC upper of the boots are free from dangerous elements like phthalates while the sock liner is full-on molded EVA material. For excellent grip in wet, outdoor environments, the aggressive tread on the boots is what you need.

The boots have a wider opening and it provides good cushion and support. The gloss and color are attractive while the lining kept within the boots is supple and decently warm. You can wear the boots with thick socks in the winter for added comfort as well.

They are not too heavy and are balanced quite well in the toe area. When it comes to traction, they performed well. Due to the design and the color, the boots are a great fashion statement aside from being completely functional.


One drawback of the Rainey is that the opening on the calf was too large. In case you know you are going to have problems with this, you can go look for another model from the same brand.


When looking for rain boots, it is important to not scrimp when it comes to quality. Do your research and buy the most efficient pair that your money can buy. The Columbia Women’s Rainey Tall Rain Boot gains positive points due to its performance.

It keeps the feet warm and dry, has a comfortable and soft lining, has excellent style points, and comes with aggressive treads that make traction a breeze on wet ground surfaces. If you want both style and functionality, the Rainey is something that is definitely worth testing out.

You can wear them in rainy and snowy weather, and they’re so tall that you won’t have to worry about water or debris getting inside your boots.

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