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Columbia Men’s Redmond Hiking Boots Review: Stylish Footwear for Outdoor Activities

Columbia Men's Redmond Hiking Boots Review: Stylish Footwear for Outdoor Activities

There are many adjectives that do not work the same way when used in describing products for sale. For instance, when it comes to hiking boots, the description “waterproof” is interchangeable with the term “water-resistant.”

For instance, Columbia Men’s Redmond Hiking Boots is more of water-resistant than waterproof based on the definition of these terms in the English dictionary.

In the English dictionary, to be waterproof is an adjective that describes something that does not let water in. However, in marketing hiking shoes, it can mean that the shoes are made up of materials that repel water and moisture instead of sipping them in or absorbing them.

Waterproof shoes that are water-resistant in dictionary terms have the following characteristics:

  • Lighter and more comfortable to wear
  • Breathable
  • Made of materials that are quick to dry
  • Moisture-proof

On the other hand, these characteristics can be observed with actual waterproof shoes:

  • Waterproof shoes do not have a lot of stitching to minimize the number of holes where water can seep in.
  • Waterproof shoes are definitely heavier and are usually made of full-grain leather and thicker and harder soles.

Depending on the outdoor activities the person will engage in, he or she should choose the correct kind of waterproof shoes. Columbia Men’s Redmond Hiking Boots is perfect for just about any outdoor activity that does not involve soaking the feet directly into the water.


These hiking boots from Columbia are more of water-resistant in the dictionary definition of the word. They have holes and stitches, and they are also not made of full-grain leather that is heavy and feels restrictive.

The following are some of the great features of Columbia Men’s Redmond Hiking Boots:

  • It is made of a combination of suede leather, mesh, and webbing, and uses Omni-Tech waterproof material for breathability and water-resistance.
  • It has synthetic soles for a better grip. In particular, it uses Omni-Grip technology for the rubbers soles for good traction.
  • It has Techlite lightweight midsole to feel comfortable for the users during long walks.
  • It has holes on the sides of the collar instead of hooks for better appearance and better management of long shoelaces.


There are a lot of advantages for getting a pair of Columbia Men’s Redmond Hiking Boots. They are as follows:

They are great for any kind of weather.

These boots are wonderful to use any season of the year, and with any kind of weather situation. During the summer or when someone wants to try hiking in the desert, these would not feel too hot that may cause excessive sweating and foot odor.

Because of the Omni-Tech waterproof material, and a combination of suede leather, mesh, and webbing, the feet are able to withstand hot weather conditions.

Unlike real waterproof shoes that are definitely hot even with regular socks, this pair of Columbia waterproof shoes is rated A+ in terms of breathability.

Likewise, they can also be worn during winter or when in cold places. They can even be used when deer hunting and will work very well when paired with an equally great wool socks.

They feel comfortable especially when doing outdoor activities.

Since it uses Techlite rubber for its comfortable soles, the shoes feel light, and any kind of trail, bearable. It does not contribute to the weight of the body or of the backpack especially when trekking upwards. Aside from them being lightweight, these boots also have great ankle support.

The soles also provide great traction, making the user feel secure even when walking in the rain or on muddy trails. They could feel tight especially in the toe area, but with the right size, the user should not feel any pain, but more of stability. Depending on the situation, these shoes can feel as strong as aggressive lugs or as comfortable as sneakers.

The boots are 100% water-resistant.

These boots are not waterproof based on the dictionary definition. However, they are 100% water-resistant. Especially when in top shape, these boots can prevent the inside of the shoes and the feet from getting wet even when walking in the rain or along trails with dewy tall grass. These boots also dry quickly when the outer cover gets wet.

They look great.

Unlike real waterproof boots that look very stiff and are designed poorly, these hiking shoes from Columbia look as pleasing as sneakers that can be worn at the mall or in the park. Their color looks great, and it has extra holes on the collars instead of hooks to make managing long shoe laces still fashionable somehow.


However, a lot of buyers thought Columbia Men’s Redmond Hiking Boots are too tight especially in the toe area. Some of the users complain that they thought the shoes are wide, yet when they tried them on, they feel small and tight though they got a size up.

Nevertheless, the tight toe area is designed that way to ensure that the feet will not slip or slide especially when trekking down. For most of the users, they just needed breaking in to fit perfectly.

Thus, it is very important to consider when planning to purchase what the user really wants to use them for.


Columbia Men’s Redmond Hiking Boots are great hiking boots simply because they can be worn anytime, anywhere. They feel really comfortable and light. They are 100% water-resistant, and they look attractive and fun.

However, users who don’t really intend to use them for hiking find their toe area tight.


Among all other waterproof hiking boots of its kind such as KEEN Men’s Oakridge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, these boots from Columbia are the best because of how comfortable they feel without sacrificing the durability and stability when doing outdoor activities. These boots also look great and can be worn casually.

The Verdict

Columbia Men’s Redmond Hiking Boots is 100% water-resistant and is far better than real waterproof boots that are stiff, heavy, and sometimes painful to wear. These both look and feel great no matter when or where worn.

They provide stability and safety while being comfortable at the same time. They are also durable and could last many hikes, so they give value for money. It would be a wise decision to get this pair instead of the others.

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