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CLC Rain Wear R23013 Over the Sock Black PVC Men’s Rain Boot Review

CLC Rain Wear R23013 Over the Sock Black PVC Men's Rain Boot Review

Men’s rain boots are usually designed differently than women’s rain boots for obvious reasons. Men, for one thing, will likely have larger feet, as well as wider toes and thicker calves than women – and the rain boots reflect such differences in anatomy. Men, for another thing, will be less likely to consider the overall style of the rain boots – for as long as they are durable and practical to use, then they will suffice for the purpose.

Of course, these are generalizations that will not apply to every Tom, Dick and Harry. In general, nonetheless, the CLC Rain Wear R23013 Over the Sock Black PVC Men’s Rain Bootmeets the reasonable expectations set by men for their basic black boots. This pair may not be as beautiful as, say, designer men’s boots from Hugo Boss but these are ideal for rugged uses.

Features of the CLC Rain Wear R23013 Over the Sock Black PVC Men’s Rain Boot

The CLC Rain Wear boot comes in basic black with no patterns, prints or other noticeable embellishments, thus, its status as a basic men’s boot. There are raised patterns on the lower parts of the boots but these blend in so well with the background that these aren’t noticeable at first glance. The most important aspects of their overall design lie in their basic yet serviceable features, as discussed below.

  • Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Men’s sizes only
  • Over the sock design
  • Cleated outsole
  • EVA foot form
  • Scalloped design for the top-line area

These are strong and sturdy basic black boots made of polyvinyl chloride, a common material used in the best rain boots from other more expensive brands. But since these boots are more affordable, you’re basically getting more value for your money – higher value at lower price, in other words. The rubber-like material is also easy to clean with a pressurized hose to remove the accumulation of mud as well as soap-and-water with a clean rag for surface dirt.

Even when their soles have a thin accumulation of mud, these boots will still maintain good traction over the ground. This is due to the sturdy cleated soles, which increases the traction between the boots and the ground. These boots are then mainly used for work-related purposes, such as during gardening and farming work, and even during construction on muddy ground.

Be sure to wear thick socks with these boots because these neither have an insulation layer nor padded insoles. The thick socks will provide added warmth to your feet and legs that the boots cannot, especially when you’re working during cold weather. The padded insoles, which can bought as an aftermarket product, will provide added comfort to the feet.

When you wear both the socks and the padded insoles, you will feel like you’re wearing more expensive rain boots! You may want to buy the Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles and insert them into the boots for this reason. The added expense is well worth the added comfort, especially when you plan on using them for several hours at a stretch.

Since you will be wearing thick socks, you may want to choose a size larger than your normal size, perhaps a half-size larger. But many customers also say that, in their experience, the boots run true to size and already have an allowance for the thick socks. Many buyers even say that there’s still comfortable room for their big toes to wiggle around, so to speak, yet still give a snug fit over the toes.

The PVC material isn’t too stiff that it will not bend with your feet, in a manner of speaking. There’s sufficient “give” in the boots that walking a few miles or walking over rugged terrain in them shouldn’t be an issue either.

While these are rain boots, many buyers have used them for other purposes aside from protection from the rain. These include industrial applications, such as when these are paired with a rubber suit for pressure washing purposes, and for working on top of the roof. The pants’ legs can either be placed over or inside the boots without too much of an effort.

Plus, these boots are definitely waterproof up to their tops. With their near-knee height, you don’t have to worry about water, mud and debris entering the inside of the boots too easily or quickly.


  • Strong and sturdy boots suitable for rugged work
  • Waterproof design
  • Comfortable yet snug fit
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Simple yet functional design


  • Aftermarket padded insoles are necessary for added comfort
  • No insulation layers
  • Most suitable for men


The CLC Rain Wear boot is suitable for rugged use, such as for gardening and farming work. These are plain in appearance but these are so durable and practical that men will overlook such a trivial matter in their basic black rain boots. These are also easy to maintain with a pressure hose, even when they are crusted with mud, dirt and debris.

The bottom line: Buy these rain boots and you will get the most use out of them for several years to come!

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