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Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain: Essential Things You Need to Know

Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain

“Can you wear leather boots in the rain?” That is a question that most people who have just invested in a new pair of leather boots have in mind. They might be living in a humid and storm-prone area or where rain is part and parcel of their lives. You might also just be asking this question to prepare yourself for the upcoming winter. Regardless of your personal situation, one thing which nobody wants is to sacrifice their new pair of boots to the outside climate.

The leather material is generally very famous for its long-lasting durability. In fact, this is one of the most popular materials used in the construction of almost every type of footwear. You can find leather-made shoes, sandals, snickers or even loafers from today’s market or nearly every person’s shoe cabinet.

So, again, can you wear leather boots in the rain without affecting their durability? To answer that, we have prepared this article. We will discuss the general strengths of leather that can help you determine whether or not it is safe to use leather-made boots under the intense rain.

What are the Strengths of Leather Boots?

When it comes to the boots made of leather, they come with the following set of advantages.

●     Strong

This isn’t a secret that boots made of leather are stronger as compared to almost any other material used in the production of this footwear. Incorporating a rugged construction, you can use them for years to come, and they will stand the test of time. Another thing which is quite impressive is that with the passage of time, leather boots tend to contour themselves as per the dimensions of your feet. It means that even though they might look a bit too stiff at first, they will eventually stretch.

●     Breathability

If you are one of those people who like to work or play for long hours, you will be excited to hear that the leather boots incorporate a higher degree of breathability. In simple words, this footwear allows a regular passage of air at all times. Such kind of design ensures that the product will protect your feet from any kind of nasty odor and bacterial growth.

●     Easy Maintenance

Leather boots are very easy to clean because you just have to use a detergent along with a damp cloth or you can also use a shoe cleaner. All these accessories can be purchased from your nearby retail store, and all of them are available at a minimal price range. With that said, it is recommended to clean them once in every 30 days, but you can also do so on a daily basis.

●     Value for Money

It might seem a bit controversial at first, but the truth is that the leather boots can actually give you a good value for your money. Even though they come at a premium price tag at first, the fact that these shoes incorporate a rugged construction makes them last longer as compared to their budget-friendly counterparts.

Now that you have realized the general strengths of a leather boot, it’s time to look at the main question.

Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain?

As leather has a natural composition, it makes it highly repellent towards the water. Hence, you can wear leather boots in the rain, and it won’t affect the overall durability. Having said that, it is still recommended to take a few precautions before doing such. This is due to the reason that leather is merely water-resistant and not waterproof. Meaning, it can fight water penetration to a certain degree.

Thus, if you are going to wear leather boots under an intense storm, they will be incapable of providing adequate protection. That is especially true if the footwear is made of suede leather. Similarly, there are other components like zippers, insoles, and glues, which tend to give way after coming in contact with water.

So, in order to protect your new pair of leather boots in such conditions, it is imperative to do certain treatments. These treatments will make leather more water repellent which ensures that you can use it during intense weather conditions.

How to Use Leather Boots in the Rain?

There are several numbers of ways in which you can make your leather boots more water resistant. You can use wax, protector spray or even leather cream. For your convenience, we have discussed each one of them below.

●     Wax

For this method, you have to start by cleaning your leather boots. Use a damp cloth with a detergent and make sure that even the slightest of dirt stains are taken care of thoroughly. Afterward, take a clean cloth and rub it lightly on the wax. Then, rub the cloth with wax across the entire length of your boots. Allow the wax to remain for one hour. Once you have made sure that all the wax has dried naturally, remove it from your boots’ surface with another clean cloth.

One thing which you have to take care of in this method is that the wax should be available in a pliable state. Similarly, you should always allow the wax to dry naturally, so there is no need to place your boots on top of a heater or inside a dryer. That will only affect the leather’s composition.

●     Protector Spray

As evident from its name, this spray will protect your boots from external environmental elements. There is no need for any kind of special methods for this as you just need to spray it on the boots’ surface.

●     Leather Cream

This is a viable method for all those of you who possess worn-out boots. That is because this product will not just enhance the water-resistance level of your boots, but will also restore their original condition.


Yes, you can always wear leather boots while it is raining. However, for extra protection, you just have to follow the aforementioned tips. This tips will not only enhance the lifespan of your favorite leather boots, but at the same time, they will also ensure that you don’t have to spend on a new pair of boots in the near future.

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