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Baffin Men’s Tractor Industrial Rubber Boot Review

Baffin Men’s Tractor Industrial Rubber Boot

Work boots are important tools in carrying out various activities. They can be quite difficult to choose because not all of them offer the required comfort and sole for perfect traction or warmth in cold weather condition.

Not so many of the work boot brands offer footwear that can be useful in all weathers. Most of them are only either suitable for cold or warm weather leaving the customer with no choice than to buy to work boots for various different weathers. Some brands, however, offer boots that are suitable for all types of weather. One of those brands is Baffin. They are renowned for its exceptional high-performance footwear.

Baffin Men’s Tractor Industrial Rubber Boot is perfect for agricultural work. The Baffin’s boot is lightweight with its water-resistant, stretchy thermal top. Its long-lasting trodden outer sole keeps you balanced and safe. In addition, it also prevents slipping.

The Baffin’s work boot is made with the highest quality materials. The rubber compound used is manufactured in Canada and is built to help in the most extreme conditions and environments. Twenty-five years ago, the Baffin footwear began to manufacture both insulated and non-insulated footwear products.

The old-fashioned boots are appropriate for some conditions but are not best for low temperatures when these boots are needed to keep the feet warm. Baffin went the extra mile to produce a crossbreed style of high-performance footwear using a joint prominent molding technology and a foam-based inner boot system.

This product is quite different from every other work boots because both the sole and the midsole are molded to the base. This feature gives more warmth, improved fit, and greater comfort. While offering their renowned performance, Baffin is devoted to producing work boots with functionality and style so that you no longer have to bother your mind thinking about getting a perfect industrial rubber boot suitable for your work. You can the boots all year to your maximum satisfaction.


In addition to the waterproofing properties of the upper material of the boot, one other feature that help avoid water, snow or slush from entering the boot is a gusseted tongue. This gusseted tongue is attached to the boot with wedge-shaped pieces on the side in a way that no space exists to allow seepage of water into the boot.

A cuff which has a curved cozy lining at the top of the boot to form a sort of band is another water-resistant feature. The way it is built will allow the snow to fall outside of the boot rather than into the boot.

One other water resistant feature is gaiters. These are tubes that lengthen upwards from the top of the boot and stiffen around the calf. They are often purchased separately but can be found in some boots.


For comfortability, there must be a support for the ankles because even the lightest work boot is heavier than the regular shoes. It is important to consider a work boot that’s padded on the sides, such that the ankle is supported.

Also, take into consideration the weight of the boot. A lightweight boot is much more comfortable without making the boot a difficult task to walk in all day. To easily pull on and off the boot, the shaft measurement should be good enough. Because these boots are worn for a long period, comfortability should be the most important factor to consider.


The size and depth of the lugs on the outer sole of a boot essentially determines the type of traction it provides. The outermost sole of boots are made of rubber, and some can be changed and replaced when they wear out, thereby, making the boot last longer.

Making the rubber much harder and as well increasing the longevity of the outer sole some rubber is mixed with carbon. However, this kind of rubber can be slick on the icy surface. Traction is essential in a boot for the following benefits.

Minimum Risk Of Injury As A Result Of Slipping

Minimizing the risk of slipping is unarguably the major benefit of traction in a boot. From the food processing factories to farms as well as other outdoor workplaces where you can encounter rain, snow and ice, the major hazard is slipping. It is, therefore, a responsibility of an individual to get a work boot with good traction.


With a wider range of slip-resistant and water-resistant options in stock, all coming in different styles and designs, the usage of work boot is not limited to work alone but can be worn outdoors during rain and snow for safety reasons as well as fashion purposes.


Boots that are water-resistant tend to be more durable than those who allow water to enter through them and at the same time making the user uncomfortable. Slip-resistant boots also do not wear out easily, thereby ensuring longer use.


The features that make Baffin men’s tractor industrial rubber boot a good choice are:

  • Rubber body
  • Rubber sole
  • From arch, shaft measures approximately 5”.
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Self-cleaning outer sole that is durable
  • Water-proof
  • Slip-resistant
  • The boot opening is measuring approximately ”


  • The Baffin boots are lightweight making it easy and comfortable to use
  • Slip-resistant that ensure safety
  • Water-resistant body upper and sole that keeps the feet dry
  • A flexible boot that allows easy movement without hurting the ankle.


  • The least size even runs big


Comfortability which is key in a work boot. This can be achieved with a lightweight work boot—a good feature found in the Baffin Men’s Tractor Industrial Rubber Boot. This product also provides a good safety work experience for its user because of the wonderful slip-resistant feature.

This boot is water resistant and can be worn during rain and snow without getting the feet wet, making it usable in the waterlogged and messy environment. Baffin boot is also flexible which makes movement easy and comfortable without hurting the feet. It also has a good shaft measurement to ensure an easy wearing experience.

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