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The Best Rain Boots Buying Guide, Reviews and Advice

The Best Rain Boots Buying Guide

Rain boots, which are also known as Wellington boots and galoshes in North America, are usually waterproof boots that provide protection against puddles, mud and snow. These can range in length from the knees to the ankles although the knee-high type is the most common, especially during rainy seasons.

The materials used for rain boots include rubber and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which are chosen for their water-resistant and waterproof qualities. These are used by children and adults alike, such as during springtime when the melting snow results in muddy ground or during winter when the snow is deep. But not all rain boots can hold up to the demands placed on them. Here’s a basic guide in choosing the best rain boots, as well as the top five rain boots we have tested.

Buying Guide

When you’re faced with several choices in rain boots, you’re well-advised to keep these tips in mind so that you can choose the best pairs for you and your family.

  • Water resistance

This is the most important aspect of the best rain boots, whether they are used for rainy or wintry days. Feet and legs should be kept dry even as you walk through puddles, slush and mud, thanks to the water resistance – better yet, waterproof – material and construction. Check the type and thickness of the rubber or PVC, as well as the watertightness (i.e., no tears, holes, and leaks) on the boots from the soles to the shaft. Decide between a short and long shaft depending on where you want to use the boots.

  • Comfort

This consists of several design aspects that must be considered individually. First, consider the warmth of the rain boots in relation to the climate where these will be used. Rain boots usually have insulating layers but their type and thickness of material will vary. Second, check the fit of the boots from your feet to your knees, in case of knee-high models.

Keep in mind that you will be walking, perhaps even working, in these boots, so it makes sense to choose the most comfortable pair. Be sure to consider the thickness of the socks that you will be using with the pair since it will affect the overall feel and fit when worn.

Third, look at the support and cushion provided by the rain boots, especially when you will be working in them. The most comfortable models have an EVA cushioned midsole and/or an added shank for extra comfort. In case your choice in rain boots don’t have this cushioned support, you can also buy an aftermarket cushioned insole.

  • Traction

This refers to the grip that the rain boots’ underside has on the ground. The grooves and lugs on the boots will determine whether these are suitable for the terrain. In general, the more aggressive the lugs and the deeper the grooves, the more rugged the boots.

  • Ease of use

This is fairly easy to find since most rain boots don’t have laces, pull tabs, or straps that makes it more difficult to put them on. Just put your foot on the rain boot’s shaft, slide it into the sole, adjust the fit – and you’re in business! But many boots also have pull tabs or full handles in the uppers that make it even easier to wear the rain boots. Of course, don’t forget to look at the style including the colors, patterns and height of the rain boots. You may be wearing them in the rain but you will still want to be stylish.

5 Best Rain Boots

Based on our own testing as well as the reviews of buyers, here are the best rain boots in the market today.

Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot

Kamik is known for its line of durable, practical and beautiful rain boots and Women’s Heidi Rain Boots are made with these qualities in mind.


  • Manmade material in various colors including black, red and yellow
  • Rubber sole
  • Measurement from shaft to arch 11”
  • Heel height approximately 1”
  • Measurement of boot opening approximately 13.5” around
  • Waterproof quality
  • Removable cushioned footbed

Kamik Heidi rain boots are made of manmade material, which has been chosen for its lightweight and waterproof quality. Even when used in rugged conditions, such as during rainy or snowy days, these will hold up well – no leaks, for example, inside the boots.

These are comfortable to use, thanks to the removable EVA comfort footbed and its flexible vinyl-covered canvas. The Atrium outsole also adds to its versatility since it can be used on both smooth pavement and rugged terrain, thanks to the maximum traction it provides. But the pair may not be suitable for rugged work, such as farm work, because of its city use.


  • Available in several attractive colors
  • Waterproof material and construction
  • Stylish solid color design that goes well with most outfits, even under dress pants
  • Comfortable to use, especially with the EVA footbed
  • Can be used in the snow with the addition of aftermarket fleece rain boot liners
  • No bulky toe boxes
  • Sufficient room in the feet and calf area for wearing thin and thick socks
  • Top of the booted are fitted so there’s no flapping around the legs
  • Substantial treads
  • Runs true to size
  • Comfortable to wear even when worn the entire day


  • Cannot be worn in more rugged conditions


Kamir Heidi’s Rain Boots are a great choice when you’re looking for durable, practical and beautiful rain boots that can be used in all weather. These can be used as rain boots and snow boots albeit with limitations in case of the latter but these can be used in light snow conditions.

These are also stylish boots that can be worn in the city, perhaps with dress pants. The snug fit from the feet to the legs is another reason to consider buying these rain boots. But even with their snug fit, there’s still enough room to wiggle your toes, so to speak.

Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boot

The Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boot is attractive to the eyes, thanks to the contrast between the boot’s lustrous black material and their distinctive grape leaf floral pattern.

These are boots that are made for showing off instead of hiding under pant legs! These are, in fact, popular among women because these can be worn with skirts and dresses as well as pants, with either the boots under or over pant legs.


  • Manmade material
  • Rubber sole
  • Lugged outsole
  • Measures 13” from the arch to the shaft
  • Heel measures approximately 1”
  • Platform measures around 0.5”
  • Boot opening measures around 15.25” around
  • Pull-on loop at the back of the shaft

These rain boots are made of durable manmade material so these can be used for several years without the boots’ surface cracking from the stress. Proper care and maintenance measures are obviously a must for them to last long, perhaps even longer than you expect.

The overall design speaks of the modern woman, from the graceful lines of the boots to the floral design on their surface. These boots are feminine in their style but these are also designed to meet the demanding needs of their users, especially women who like their boots to be both practical and practical.


  • Attractive design with beautiful contrasts in the black boots and golden leaf design
  • Fits well from the feet to the knees without the upper portion flapping around
  • Comfortable feel while walking when the right size is chosen
  • Can be used for both city and country use, such as when working in the garden or in the farm
  • Provides good traction on more rugged terrain, such as in mud and gravel
  • Flexible (i.e., bends down easily when walking)


  • Runs on the large size


The Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boot is well-made from the shaft to the sole, thus, making it one of the more popular boots in the market. Their eye-catching designs are the first reason women consider buying them and, once worn, their comfortable fit, durable materials, and flexible feel add to the reasons. Just be sure to buy a pair for yourself, perhaps two pairs, with a higher size than your normal size. For example, if you’re a size 9, your best bet is a size 10.

Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Boot

The Nomad brand is known for the durability of its rain boots and this pair of Women’s Puddles Rain Boots isn’t an exception. While there are a few complaints about its quality, the majority of its buyers like it for its excellent durability and practicality. Besides, most of these complaints have been addressed by the seller, not to mention that these are minor in nature.


  • Rubber material for the upper and outsole
  • Soft fabric lining
  • Shaft to arch measurement 12.5”
  • Heel measurement 1.25”
  • Platform measures about 0.50”
  • Boot opening measures around 15.5” around
  • Size buckle at the side
  • Printed pattern all over the boots (i.e., plaid pattern)

The rubber material used on these rain boots has been printed with a plaid pattern – think Burberry and you get the idea. This is a stylish pattern that can be paired with dresses, skirts or pants of any length and pattern, such as a pattern-on-pattern ensemble or a patterned shoes-with-solid color dress. Many women even say that they have fun mixing and matching the pair with their dresses.

Of course, there are also other patterns to choose from aside from the plaid pattern. Examples include grey and white herringbone, black and white chevron, and black and white hounds tooth, to name a few. You can buy as many as you like of these rain boots so that you will have more choices in your outfits.

The sturdy sole provides sufficient traction so that these can be used for city streets and country paths although more rugged uses, such as farm work isn’t recommended. Be sure to clean the boots including the soles on a regular basis so that their beauty and functionality (i.e., traction) can be maintained.


  • Wide range of beautiful designs to choose from
  • Great fit on the feet, calves and legs with the right size
  • Keeps the feet dry and warm, thanks to the waterproof design and soft fabric lining


  • Runs large
  • A few complaints about the boots not being durable enough for more rugged wear


The pair of women’s rain boots are a great choice if you’re looking for beautiful boots with a strong design and sturdy construction. Every boot can be paired with different ensembles and used in different situations so you will get the best value for your money.

Helly Hansen Men’s Midsund 2 Rain Boot

Helly Hansen’s weather protective gear is among the best in the industry for many reasons. Aside from its manufacturing traditions – the company has been in the business since 1877 – it’s also known for its innovative materials, design and construction. The Men’s Midsund Rain Boot is a great example of the excellent quality for which Helly Hansen is known for.


• Rubber material from the shaft to the soles
• Rubber material, too, for the midsole
• Shaft measures about 9.5”
• Heel measures about 1.25”
• Boot opening measures about 15” around
• Gum rubber outsole

These men’s boots are popular with both men and women for many reasons. For one thing, these boots offer a great fit for women with wider feet and larger calves, which are usually characteristics common in men. There’s always room to wear thicker socks, as well, to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit all around your feet and calves.

For another thing, these have a simple yet stylish design that blends well with any outfit. The boots have a solid color with complementary trims, which are available in three combos – forest night and taupe grey; navy, off white, and gum; and off white and black. These colors also mean that the boots can be worn in the city as well as in more rugged settings, such as working on the garden or even on top of the roof.

The boots provide great traction on the ground, even when mud has accumulated on the soles. But it’s still important to clean the boots with a pressure hose to remove the mud build-up to maintain traction.


• Suitable for use by men and women
• Simple yet stylish and sophisticated design for practical rain boots
• Great traction on several types of terrain
• Easy to put on
• Pants’ legs can be placed inside the boots due to the roomy space on top
• Fits great for people with wider feet and calves


• Runs larger to size
• Selection is limited to three color combos


Helly Hansen is a manufacturer of rugged footwear that has established a reputation for quality, if not excellence, in its products. These Midsund 2 rain boots are proof that the century-old maker still has what it takes to give its competitors a run for their money. These are so durable, that most buyers have said that they have been using them for several years for many purposes and they continue to hold up well.

CLC Rain Wear R23013 Over the Sock Black PVC Men’s Rain Boot

This pair of CLC Rain Wear R23013 rain boots is also popular among men because of its strong and sturdy design, as well as its simple design and affordable price. But it may be too plain for many people who like their rain boots to be a bit flashier than this pair.


  • Made of PVC material
  • Over-the-sock design
  • Men’s sizing used
  • Cleated outsole
  • Scalloped design on the top line
  • EVA foot form feature for comfort

The PVC material used on these boots may look cheap initially but when it’s seen up close, such an initial impression is dispelled. In fact, the material has a great look and feel about it, although the simple – all black with no noticeable embellishments – appearance makes it more practical than beautiful. But men who want durable and practical rain boots will like the simplicity of the pair. 

Men also like the over-the-sock design of the boots. This makes it easier to wear and remove the boots, a must for men who cannot be bothered with complicated features. The larger opening also means that these can be worn with thicker socks, which adds to comfort and warmth – and, thus, prolonged wear (i.e., all-day wear). 

Traction is also assured with the cleated outsole. For this reason, most men who buy them say that these boots are suitable for more rugged work than a few of the rain boots mentioned in this review.


  • Simple design that most men like in their weather protective gear
  • Thick sole with good traction on rugged terrain
  • Easy to clean material from the shaft to the soles
  • Easy to wear and remove, thanks to the large opening and easy-slide material
  • Fits well over the feet, calves and legs


  • No padded insoles
  • No insulation features


The CLC Rain Wear R23013 rain boot is also a great choice for men who want practical boots that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use during rainy seasons. These may be too plain for people who want flashier boots but they work well for people who just want a pair of basic boots. We suggest buying aftermarket padded insoles and wearing thicker socks, if necessary. The padded insoles will provide more comfort when wearing the boots while the thicker socks will add to the warmth.

Final Verdict

All of these rain boots meet the standards that experts say should be in the best of their kind – durable, practical and beautiful, even versatile in their uses. But every individual will obviously have their own needs and wants in rain boots so a choice must be made.

When choosing from these rain boots, we suggest making careful considerations of what you need in them – their colors, fit over the feet and ankles, and type of materials used, among others. This is a process that every buyer is well-advised to follow in order to make the best possible choice. 

When you receive the rain boots in the mail, you should wear them as soon as you open them for many reasons. You have to ensure that, indeed, they fit as well as expected on your feet, calves and legs. You must remember, too, that the store’s return policy has a limited time period for returns – the earlier you can determine the fit, the faster you can return them in exchange for another size, if necessary.